Friday, July 22, 2011

I had a Tournament!

Hi lads and ladettes,

Long time no see. And well, will be longer again until the next time given that I have just welcomed fester Jnr into this world (that's #2 for those who are counting) and I have all but been stopped playing 40k until 2012. Joy!

Anyway, onto the tournament.

The last weekend of June was the local RTT - Cowcon.

I turned up with the Cursed Ork Army of Doom (aka MVB/Archies/The Ork build). More on the curse later.

Knowing this tournament was a comp'd event, and knowing that for this list to place I had to major win 5/5 games, I had my game face on, big time. The event was also comp seeded, meaning that the first round you played against another player with the similar comp score as you. I knew I was just about the toughest list there, so it was going to be rough.

Game 1: Razor Wolves.

Joy of joy. I drew the lowest comp army there. Razor wolves with long fangs. Luckily, the guy didnt have too much experience with them, and I pushed across the table with ease, and all but tabled him.
Thankfully, I drew a high KP army on the KP mission. Phew.

Game 2: Blood Angels
A hybrid style force that I had actually beat (this exact army and player) at the previous RTT I attended.
Mission was "Milk the Cows", you get one token for each objective you control at the end of your turn. Win conditions are decided by the margin. Once again, major victory.
Highlight of the game for me: He brings a squad of jumpers and surrounds a trukk. He then Wrecks it, Kareen result is the "Explode" equivalent. He loses 2 guys, deliberately takes 2 plebs and breaks coherency, then fails the leadership test and flees. Did you know that you cannot rally if you are not in coherency, and that by the letter of the law, you cannot move in any way but straight back (unless you are blocked of course), even on a run move, to get back into coherency. That basicall won me the game as his nerve was then broken.

Game 3: Thousand Sons.

No, not counts as, legit 1000 sons from C:CSM.
Mission: Escape Capsule. End of Game turn 2/3, a capsule falls from the sky (random location in the middle of the board), only objective. Win margin based on VP's of troops on the objective.
He saw my army, (he and I are good mates regardless), shook my hand and said "I have no chance". I simply said that I had to deal with his Daemon Prince and Greater Daemon, and if I couldn't he won. Those daemons ate all 9 kans, 2 squads of boys and everything else I could find, just to keep them off the only objective.

Game 4: Orks

Another local player, a good tourney player, who I hadn't to this point played. I really was concerned with his list, as I tend to lose against other Ork players.
5 Objectives as per NOVA placing. Major Victory to me again, only after I managed a last turn charge to pull him off one of his two objectives.

Game 5: Footdar

That's right ladies, top table, last game, footdar.
Mission, Spearhead, KP. I knew I had no chance in this mission. I had 22 KP to his 12. He outranged me, out gunned me, and I had basically nothing that could deal with his Wraithlords or his Avatar. Sigh.
Result, massacre defeat.
Turn 1 he took 4 KP off me. This pretty much summed up the game for me. Anything he shot at died in a ball of flame, and no kareen results went my way. Apart from that, yeah, I made a few mistakes, and they hurt. Killa Kans in terrain (all 3 squads) moved 9 inches over 3 turns, running each turn. What can you do when the dice finally fail.

The Curse:
So the curse, I hear you say?
This list has lost only 3 games across 3 tournaments. Each time, it lost to the eventual tourney winner. This list is cursed to be always beaten by the eventual winner.

Regardless, a great time was had by all, and I got knocked from 1st overall at the start of Game 5, to 7th overall, and not even best general (by a long margin).