Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Codex Orks Review

Just a quicky, check out my Codex Orks review as it is written on 3++ is the New Black
The first post should appear in about, oh, 90 minutes.

And remember, Orks is da best.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiet on the old ranch

Well, my frantic pace of late has slowed down here, but lets recap the week that was:

Posting madly on 3++
Centurion just waiting until the times approach closer
Centurion getting up to 24 registered players!
Ordering parts for my Crazy Ideas army.

And thats about it.
Lots of work @ work, and some at home, babies, life, and happiness.

Tonight, all going well, I should really get gluing some jetbike riders together and start whacking paint on them... that is unless my dragon arrives today :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Centurion Missions updates

It is official.
The missions have been finalised for Centurion and playtesting can begin.

After a personal playtest, I have decided to use the following KP methodology:

This is a slightly modified version of Stelek's 5x5 Missions.

Before deployment, choose 5 valid Kill Points from your opponent's army. Mark this on an army sheet or piece of paper.

Once your opponent has chosen their kill points, you may reveal your choices to them and vice versa.
If your opponent has chosen kill points which are not Kill Points due to specific rules (Tyranid Spore Mines, Lone Wolves) it is your responsibility to let your opponent know and rectify this issue. Failing to do this will grant your opponent these Kill Points should a TO become involved.
These are the only Kill Points that are available from your opponent's army.
The player who gains the most Kill Points wins the goal. If the players both get the same number of Kill Points, this goal is tied.

The line about Lone Wolves being free KP is simply to keep people honest, not to be abused. If it appears to have been abused then the TO will get to make the final decision on whether or not the KP's are awarded. It will be the owning player's responsibility to ensure this is resolved correctly prior to deployment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Personal Invites of e-peen goodness to Centurion

As many of you know, Centurion is leveraging the power of the intarwebs to bring people together so that they may throw dice at each other.

As such, if you are an Australian Warhammer 40k blogging type person, I WANT YOU.
This is your official 'e-peen invite'.

If I have missed you, don't fret, email me and I will get you added.

Kirby from 3++ is the new black
Taak from YTTH and 3++
Messanger of Death from Imperial Life (I am led to beleive)

If you know, or are, one of the above, please let me know so that I can take your money ensure you get your places!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle Report: 1750 Orks vs Tau

So, I have gone in for a rematch against BohicaBob at 1750. He decide to bring a full-foot Tau army (which wont win any hardcore prizes) that he is trying out, and I have modified by QM3 list to fix some deficiancies I had found.

Bob's List:

Shas El
2 x 3 Suits (missile/melta set, missile flamer set)
3 stealth suits
2x 12 firewarriors - one with EMP nades
Kroot (14+6 hounds I think)
8 Vespid
2x2 broadsides. 1 set with SMS, 1 with plasma

My List:

Big Mek, KFF, Cybork Body.
Warboss, Bike, Attack Squig, PK, Bosspole, Cybork Body

7 Lootas

5 Nob Bikers + Painboy. 2 PK, 2 Big Choppa, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
Dread, 2 RL

Fast Attack
2 Deffkoptas, RL
2 Deffkoptas, RL

Dread, 2 RL

3 Kans with Grotzookas
3 Kans with Grotzookas
Basically, the photos all turned out POT but we worked on trying a Centurion game.
Win condition:
Table Quarters
KP (5x5 Stelek style)

Spearhead Deployment.

I chose his both his broadsides, Kroot, Vespid and the Flamer Suits
He chose the Troops Dread, All the Kans, and the Deffkoptas.

I won first turn. Deployed.
He decided to full-reserve his army.

I scouted my Deffcoptas 24 inches.

First Turn Orks
I pushed up as fast as I could.
First Turn Tau
He changed the turn counter from 1 to 2.

Second Turn Orks
I line about half his board edge to force his army to come on closer to the bulk of my force. I know he can jump-pack over me, but his broadsides and kroot (2 of the KP's), cant.
I bring the rest of my army towards the open flank.

Second Turn Tau
Yay! Things happen!
On come some suits (MP/Melta), walking firewarriors, and the Shas el.

Much shooting later, including point blank shots into the Deffcoptas..
Nothing happens. The Shas el even charges and nothing happens.

Third Turn Orks
The nob bikers lose the warboss who goes off to help out killing the shas el (who turns out to have FNP) and creams him in CC. The rest move along the board edge and shoot the firewarriors. The Lootas shoot the suits, as does the Dread and the Kans. The Suits run away from shooting and off the board.
Third Turn Tau
On comes shadowsun, the vespid (I think) and stealth suits. Shadowsun charges the Coptas (after failing with shooting) and the Stealth suits try to shoot the warboss, who shrugs off the wounds. The Deffcopta manages to Hit-n-Run. On the other flank, the unthinkable happens.
A dreadnought.
Vespid killed off the other squad of Deffkoptas.

I killed one, and they stayed.

Fourth Turn Orks
I kept on moving up. The warboss charged shadowsun and the koptas into the stealth suits. Orks win, and consolidate.
I load the Vespid full of Grotzookas. 26 hits, 21 wounds. No more vespid.
Nob bikers shoot a little more and dont do much as they roll up and down the board edge.

Fourth Turn Tau
Warboss eats a railhead bolt and rolls over.
Dread eats an EMP grenade and ends up killing (by exploding and attacks) all but 1 firewarrior.
Kroot outflank and shoot at the boyz a bit and kill a few.
Move Tau stuff comes on and cant shoot anything

Fifth Turn Orks
Kept pushing up to the Tau line.
Kans charged the Broadsides and they strategically (at the Tau players bidding) killed the broadsides.
Nobs went back for some firewarriors behind them. Shot a little and did SFA.
Fifth Turn Tau
Orks have a conversation with some firebreathing Crisis Suits and lose.
Broadsides cant kill Kans at point blank range.
Firewarriors cant hurt Nob Bikers.
Crisis Suits charge the Orks they flamed and all die. The suits that is. I rolled a crapload of dice and most were 5's or 6's.

Sixth Turn Orks
I cleared the board.

Jobs done.

Rolled for Turn Seven on a 4+... 2
This was to get all the bonus points.

Table Quarters: 4/0
KP: 5/3
Objectives: 2/0
VP: 1750 / 705

Thoughts: Stelek's 5x5 make knowledge of the gaming environment and the enemie's army much more important.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh. My. God. His Head is SOOO Big!

From Internet obscurity, to more obscurity, Kirby has taken me on as an author. There may have been some bribing involved, but yeah.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updated CENTURION details.

You can now find updated details here http://fester40k.blogspot.com/p/centurion-i.html with payment info (yes, that means you!)

I know its a far way out, but Forgeworld will have to go and raid a few Eldar craftworlds to get that Void Dragon for me.

Oh, and the people I am getting the dice from will have to put a WHOLE new plantation to keep up with the demand of a 2,304 dice order =D

Tell your friends, tell your mother, tell your WAAC douchebag FLGS bastard, we want them all!

With 1 week and a bit's work, we are at 20/64 people interested, thats 30%+ spots taken.

A Gentleman's Ones ... Banner Competition

b.smoove, the ownerer and runnerer of A Gentleman's Ones has recently run a competition to try and get him a new banner, and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. He was giving away a cupboard of stuff spread around everyone who entered, and I thought "I can get some free loot!".
Heh. Actually I thought something different, but that will come soon.

So my entry is above.
I got an email back from him that went along the following lines:
"Cheers Matt. This is absolutely beautiful, and you've absolutely nailed the concept of the title. "
Now I don't like to spruke (well, OK, I do) but that made me a happy fester.

Anyway, turns out I ranked in the top 5 somewhere (I am claiming 3rd as I'm 3rd on the list)!

To see who beat me, go here -> http://agentlemansones.blogspot.com/2010/09/banner-contest-and-winner-is.html

Now, for the good news, and coming back to my "greed" above.
Whatever loot I get from b.smoove will go straight towards the Centurion Prize pool, and at this point, be given to the best converted miniature in honour of the work b's done here (which is FREAKING AWESOME).

I hope he takes the opportunity to spruke(in-joke) about supporting a Tourney on the wrong side of the planet.
On that note, if you want to sponsor a prize @ Centurion, drop me a line =D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to Zogwart

My green, electrifying friend.
Many tournaments I have ignored you.
Only once did you accompany me, and you were very effective.
We would have had Kharne, if not for the Blood God's intervention.
The God-Emporer couldn't help Sammael.
Oh how we laughed.

My dear green friend, I think you will be coming out of retirement shortly.
I am told that many of the new Marine codexes have IC's that arent HQ's now.

Sanguinary Priests, Chaplains.
The wolves bring TWC Lords of pain and death amongst other toys.

Sure, they bring their fair share of Librarians, but the first time you squig your enemy's lynchpin super-hero will make the expense worthwhile.

*images stolen blatantly from Ein. http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=35160