Friday, December 31, 2010

The Challenge WIP 2

 So to set the scene: We have 3 players.
1. Zog (here represented by my finger as this wont be glued until painted). He is driving the crane.
2. The Mek. In the foreground of the above picture, weilding a spanner and a "precision tool" - lump of steel pipe.
3. Grub (in green). A Mek's helper.

It goes something like this:
Mek: "Oi Zog, dis way!"
Grub: "Oi Zog, da uvva way!"
Zog: Huh?

The Challege WIP 1

Wow, just wow. I am in love with this Kit.

I have put together a Russ, a few rhinos and plenty of infantry, but nothing has been anywhere near the quality of this kit. It is astounding.

It's kind of like finding that amazing dish hidden away in the chinese restuarant you always ordered Mongolian Lamb from. You wonder where your life was before this point, and what you have to do to get it back so you can experience this more.

Anyway... WIP.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

fester's Orks: The Challenge

So to my shame, I turn to my battlewagon kit, and break the shrinkwrap. This is the first Xmas present to see the modelling table.
Now, why do I do this to "my shame"... the music playing in the background is The Final Countdown by Europe.
The shrinkwrap comes off, and I get that feeling of awe cracking this baby open.
You see, in my gamin history, I have cracked maybe 6-7 actual boxsets for my 6-7,000 points of armies.
I have decided that I am not just going to throw this together, and that I am going to make the most of this kit.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Silence is golden

Well things have been quiet here as I do my 3++ content, but for once this is going to be updated before the same post gets pushed over there.

I have found some new focus with my Orks, and hope to put them together (and do some other toys too) by Centurion in March.

On to the filler content I mean hobby update!

This is my Trukk, which is a Gorkamorka Trukk sandwiched between 2 Leman Russ tracks from an old Looted Russ I had laying around.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Centurion - bowing to the pressure

So I have been getting pressure to make some serious changes to Centurion by the WargamerAU community. Now we usually laugh at WGAU as the request you expect is "put comp back in".

To sum up the feeling though, we got to "I want the tourney to be both days, not that shitty Combat Patrol".

I then spoke to some locals, SneakyDan (another 3++ Author) and a few plebs, and it seems that there has been some backlash over the idea of Combat Patrol...
What this means, is that for me to get a decent turnout @ Centurion its time to trim the fat, and lose the Combat Patrol.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some daylight pics of the brood...

 As the Warmaster approaches, so does his vanguard....

Bloodletters and the first ASM with custom (read: simple) Jumppacks....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For the Warmaster: Part 1, Bloodletters

The Bloodletters aka BA Scouts are done, apart from:
1. Eyes
2. Tongues
3. Cleanup
4. Varnish (I never varnish, but these babies have seen a few dings already and that scares me)

More pictures after the jump (god I feel like Goatboy!)

I am very happy with the banner effect, which was:
- Dehneb Stone
- Washed with my super-Sons of Horus mix (50% Thraka Green, 50% Asurman Blue)
Then free handed the logo in black!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Box of toys for the festers!

Crappy picture, but you get the idea...

Terminators! 15 of them!

I am slaving away on my 8 Blood Letters and am getting the skin done. Once again, Blood Red + Leviathon Purple is amazing.

Once the Letters are done, I will photograph them in all their killy glory...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to: Pre Heresy Terminator (Justaerin) Shoulder Pad from AoBR Terminators.

D-D-Double posted on 3++ Is the New Black!

So, it's time to look into how I did my shoulderpads, and like all good conversions, simple is awesome is simple.

And end-result can look like the image to the right.

Anyway, here goes nothing.
Pardon the HUGE break in text, but if I don't all the images and instructions wont line up!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do I do my basing

Had a query in the Chat box on 3++ when I was *shock horror* actually working today and MIA...

How do I do my bases?

The truth of the matter couldn't be more embarrassing.

1. Take a sheet of .5mm (0.020 inch) plasticard and randomly chop it up into shapes
2. Glue in some semblance of a pattern (think slate) on the base.
3. Basecoat Black
4. Wet coat Beastial Brown
5. REALLY wet paint (just splash it around) the raised areas with Codex Grey
6. Wash the grooves with Devlan mud, just to cover any spots you messed
7. Repeat step 5, leaving spots, with Dheneb Stone.

Jobs Done!
You can go from start to finish in a 2 hour night, including drying time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Concept photos!

Ladies and gentlemen (ladies?).... (gentlemen?)

This is my latest and fester-est models.
These are the proof of concept for my BA Footspam variant, which is basically as follows.

Terminator Captain
2x10 Shooty Termies with CML
2 Priests
3x8 Blood Letters Scouts
2x5 Devastators with 3 ML

Uhh, yeah, thats 1750!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marine ideas again, and a steaming pile of crap ensues.

I just cant leave bad enough alone.

Looking once again at my Marines, and how to make them function at 1750. I really want to crack this :)
I have a distinct lack of viable vehicles for a true mech marines list, and at this junction in my life I cannot be fuc.. err, bothered in fixing all the rhinos to be Razorbacks, and I cannot afford to do a Bloodhammer list like I would like.

Where does this leave me? Crapsville.
Well, no actually, Ebay. See I went for a wander today and found a place I can get 15 AoBR terminators for the princely sum of, get this, $45 AUD + postage. While I was cruising around that person's site, I noticed that they had full scout squads in 4 separate bits piles for $1 per bits pack. Hopefully I pick all of these up, which will let me look at starting my 1st and 10th list, with some scratchbuilt Speeder Storms later on.

Until then, lists ahoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Marines, in detail.

Bad news, no Battle report
So my wife decided, instead of my playing 40k, she should get Gastro and I would look after my darling rugrat.

So here, Monday, and I'm still looking after the pair of them. The upshot is that I finally pulled my finger out and took some shots of my Marines.

Warning: HUUUUGE images follow.
I know that the paint job is "crappy" and chipped in some places, but the army was a repaint of a repaint of a repaint... when I got it second hand.

Theres a job in the to-do for me to strip and re-do these guys... one day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The match of a lifetime...

Mirror Match!
This Sunday, presuming my now fevered wife (as in, she has a 38.7 degree C temp) gets better, I will be playing a match against my dead friend, and whipping-boy co-worker Wonna. You can see the results of our last bout... here.

Basically, with this one-of-chance to get to the LFGC (club) I suggest to Wonna that instead of me trouncing his Guard again, we might swap armies and see if we can each teach the other some tactics, and generally try something different.

Now before I go any further... I hate Guard. So boring to play against. Worse than Green Tide. At least as a Green Tide player you get to make algae jokes.

This post is both a helper post for me for later, when I do my Battle Report, and a warning to Kirbs that its gunna go up on 3++ as well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New-codex-itis, a few months late

Well, we have spoken about how piss-poor my Marine model collection is.

If you don't, its a collection of old SM army collections from 2nd/3rd ed that have been sold and resold around the are over the last decade. I have finally grabbed them, added to the pile with Black Reach and made a god-aweful mess of an army.

To make up for this, I hat thrown together a possible option for an army based on some key purchases and modelling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Codex Orks Review

Just a quicky, check out my Codex Orks review as it is written on 3++ is the New Black
The first post should appear in about, oh, 90 minutes.

And remember, Orks is da best.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiet on the old ranch

Well, my frantic pace of late has slowed down here, but lets recap the week that was:

Posting madly on 3++
Centurion just waiting until the times approach closer
Centurion getting up to 24 registered players!
Ordering parts for my Crazy Ideas army.

And thats about it.
Lots of work @ work, and some at home, babies, life, and happiness.

Tonight, all going well, I should really get gluing some jetbike riders together and start whacking paint on them... that is unless my dragon arrives today :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Centurion Missions updates

It is official.
The missions have been finalised for Centurion and playtesting can begin.

After a personal playtest, I have decided to use the following KP methodology:

This is a slightly modified version of Stelek's 5x5 Missions.

Before deployment, choose 5 valid Kill Points from your opponent's army. Mark this on an army sheet or piece of paper.

Once your opponent has chosen their kill points, you may reveal your choices to them and vice versa.
If your opponent has chosen kill points which are not Kill Points due to specific rules (Tyranid Spore Mines, Lone Wolves) it is your responsibility to let your opponent know and rectify this issue. Failing to do this will grant your opponent these Kill Points should a TO become involved.
These are the only Kill Points that are available from your opponent's army.
The player who gains the most Kill Points wins the goal. If the players both get the same number of Kill Points, this goal is tied.

The line about Lone Wolves being free KP is simply to keep people honest, not to be abused. If it appears to have been abused then the TO will get to make the final decision on whether or not the KP's are awarded. It will be the owning player's responsibility to ensure this is resolved correctly prior to deployment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Personal Invites of e-peen goodness to Centurion

As many of you know, Centurion is leveraging the power of the intarwebs to bring people together so that they may throw dice at each other.

As such, if you are an Australian Warhammer 40k blogging type person, I WANT YOU.
This is your official 'e-peen invite'.

If I have missed you, don't fret, email me and I will get you added.

Kirby from 3++ is the new black
Taak from YTTH and 3++
Messanger of Death from Imperial Life (I am led to beleive)

If you know, or are, one of the above, please let me know so that I can take your money ensure you get your places!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle Report: 1750 Orks vs Tau

So, I have gone in for a rematch against BohicaBob at 1750. He decide to bring a full-foot Tau army (which wont win any hardcore prizes) that he is trying out, and I have modified by QM3 list to fix some deficiancies I had found.

Bob's List:

Shas El
2 x 3 Suits (missile/melta set, missile flamer set)
3 stealth suits
2x 12 firewarriors - one with EMP nades
Kroot (14+6 hounds I think)
8 Vespid
2x2 broadsides. 1 set with SMS, 1 with plasma

My List:

Big Mek, KFF, Cybork Body.
Warboss, Bike, Attack Squig, PK, Bosspole, Cybork Body

7 Lootas

5 Nob Bikers + Painboy. 2 PK, 2 Big Choppa, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
Dread, 2 RL

Fast Attack
2 Deffkoptas, RL
2 Deffkoptas, RL

Dread, 2 RL

3 Kans with Grotzookas
3 Kans with Grotzookas
Basically, the photos all turned out POT but we worked on trying a Centurion game.
Win condition:
Table Quarters
KP (5x5 Stelek style)

Spearhead Deployment.

I chose his both his broadsides, Kroot, Vespid and the Flamer Suits
He chose the Troops Dread, All the Kans, and the Deffkoptas.

I won first turn. Deployed.
He decided to full-reserve his army.

I scouted my Deffcoptas 24 inches.

First Turn Orks
I pushed up as fast as I could.
First Turn Tau
He changed the turn counter from 1 to 2.

Second Turn Orks
I line about half his board edge to force his army to come on closer to the bulk of my force. I know he can jump-pack over me, but his broadsides and kroot (2 of the KP's), cant.
I bring the rest of my army towards the open flank.

Second Turn Tau
Yay! Things happen!
On come some suits (MP/Melta), walking firewarriors, and the Shas el.

Much shooting later, including point blank shots into the Deffcoptas..
Nothing happens. The Shas el even charges and nothing happens.

Third Turn Orks
The nob bikers lose the warboss who goes off to help out killing the shas el (who turns out to have FNP) and creams him in CC. The rest move along the board edge and shoot the firewarriors. The Lootas shoot the suits, as does the Dread and the Kans. The Suits run away from shooting and off the board.
Third Turn Tau
On comes shadowsun, the vespid (I think) and stealth suits. Shadowsun charges the Coptas (after failing with shooting) and the Stealth suits try to shoot the warboss, who shrugs off the wounds. The Deffcopta manages to Hit-n-Run. On the other flank, the unthinkable happens.
A dreadnought.
Vespid killed off the other squad of Deffkoptas.

I killed one, and they stayed.

Fourth Turn Orks
I kept on moving up. The warboss charged shadowsun and the koptas into the stealth suits. Orks win, and consolidate.
I load the Vespid full of Grotzookas. 26 hits, 21 wounds. No more vespid.
Nob bikers shoot a little more and dont do much as they roll up and down the board edge.

Fourth Turn Tau
Warboss eats a railhead bolt and rolls over.
Dread eats an EMP grenade and ends up killing (by exploding and attacks) all but 1 firewarrior.
Kroot outflank and shoot at the boyz a bit and kill a few.
Move Tau stuff comes on and cant shoot anything

Fifth Turn Orks
Kept pushing up to the Tau line.
Kans charged the Broadsides and they strategically (at the Tau players bidding) killed the broadsides.
Nobs went back for some firewarriors behind them. Shot a little and did SFA.
Fifth Turn Tau
Orks have a conversation with some firebreathing Crisis Suits and lose.
Broadsides cant kill Kans at point blank range.
Firewarriors cant hurt Nob Bikers.
Crisis Suits charge the Orks they flamed and all die. The suits that is. I rolled a crapload of dice and most were 5's or 6's.

Sixth Turn Orks
I cleared the board.

Jobs done.

Rolled for Turn Seven on a 4+... 2
This was to get all the bonus points.

Table Quarters: 4/0
KP: 5/3
Objectives: 2/0
VP: 1750 / 705

Thoughts: Stelek's 5x5 make knowledge of the gaming environment and the enemie's army much more important.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh. My. God. His Head is SOOO Big!

From Internet obscurity, to more obscurity, Kirby has taken me on as an author. There may have been some bribing involved, but yeah.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updated CENTURION details.

You can now find updated details here with payment info (yes, that means you!)

I know its a far way out, but Forgeworld will have to go and raid a few Eldar craftworlds to get that Void Dragon for me.

Oh, and the people I am getting the dice from will have to put a WHOLE new plantation to keep up with the demand of a 2,304 dice order =D

Tell your friends, tell your mother, tell your WAAC douchebag FLGS bastard, we want them all!

With 1 week and a bit's work, we are at 20/64 people interested, thats 30%+ spots taken.

A Gentleman's Ones ... Banner Competition

b.smoove, the ownerer and runnerer of A Gentleman's Ones has recently run a competition to try and get him a new banner, and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. He was giving away a cupboard of stuff spread around everyone who entered, and I thought "I can get some free loot!".
Heh. Actually I thought something different, but that will come soon.

So my entry is above.
I got an email back from him that went along the following lines:
"Cheers Matt. This is absolutely beautiful, and you've absolutely nailed the concept of the title. "
Now I don't like to spruke (well, OK, I do) but that made me a happy fester.

Anyway, turns out I ranked in the top 5 somewhere (I am claiming 3rd as I'm 3rd on the list)!

To see who beat me, go here ->

Now, for the good news, and coming back to my "greed" above.
Whatever loot I get from b.smoove will go straight towards the Centurion Prize pool, and at this point, be given to the best converted miniature in honour of the work b's done here (which is FREAKING AWESOME).

I hope he takes the opportunity to spruke(in-joke) about supporting a Tourney on the wrong side of the planet.
On that note, if you want to sponsor a prize @ Centurion, drop me a line =D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to Zogwart

My green, electrifying friend.
Many tournaments I have ignored you.
Only once did you accompany me, and you were very effective.
We would have had Kharne, if not for the Blood God's intervention.
The God-Emporer couldn't help Sammael.
Oh how we laughed.

My dear green friend, I think you will be coming out of retirement shortly.
I am told that many of the new Marine codexes have IC's that arent HQ's now.

Sanguinary Priests, Chaplains.
The wolves bring TWC Lords of pain and death amongst other toys.

Sure, they bring their fair share of Librarians, but the first time you squig your enemy's lynchpin super-hero will make the expense worthwhile.

*images stolen blatantly from Ein.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Centurion - The week that is/was.

Oh my, what a week!

It has gone from the CQ 40k Open, to Centurion, and now, looking down the barrel of an actual event!

Kirby has come out and said that he will be spamming Centurion all over the place and that now I have to try and keep up! Gah!
How do I configure that auto-emailer thing that tells you when your name has been mentioned somewhere in the interblogs? Nevermind. too hard.

Lets just go over things here as an idea of what craziness is coming down the pipeline for attendees so people in my life can understand why my brain is leaking out my ears.

24th August: Name Decided. FAIL.
25th August: Name Decided, again.
Kirby posts up about my KP conundrum
26th August: All images done for websites/blogs/etc
27th August: Player Information Pack Created
28th August: Missions outlined.
Posts go up on RSGA (local Rocky forum)
... and Wargamer AU
Alpha Hobbies come on board as sponsor
29th August: nothing much was posted by me ... but more Alpha Hobbies stuff happened behind the scenes
30th August: Kirby started advertising for me.
Stelek posted about Centurion a little too.
Some yet to be named new blog-roll people asked if they could help out somehow
31st August: First head count of interested parties -
I nearly died.
Also, should hopefully win the competition @ for his banner (dreaming, I know) which will be the first prize for the event! Yay! If any other winners want to donate to the cause let me know =D

I seriously had my doubts about this event getting off the ground... now it looks like it might just do that and be a success!

Thanks to those that tirelessly blogged away to get me interest. Thanks to Wonna and Tom for listening to me ramble on at work. Its bloody hard not to when you get 15 emails a day about related topics.

I hope to have some more info this week and some finalised missions stuff.

Once I finally work out what I need to do next, you will see some more action. If silence prevails, I have had one of the following happen:
1. Hit by bus, truck, or wife.
2. Head explodes
3. Finally managed to not wake up at 2am, change a nappy, and check the blogs before I go back to sleep.

Anyway, rambling over.
If all goes well, bank details should be up for pre-pre-pre payments shortly which will mean I can get started on the grab bags.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have today, while at work waiting for a server to reboot (I work in IT), read over the NOVA Open Missions and started to work out how I intend to implement the missions.

I have had some help from a potential attendee, Kirby from 3++ is the New Black (

I have decided to implement a 4 stage decision process for the games. The final decider will always be 4th Ed Victory Points. All models that do not count for KP's (Lone Wolves, Spore Mines, etc) will count for VPs in this regard.

Overrun their position!
Table Quarters.
If you have more VP's in a table quarter than your opponent, then you contol the Table Quarter

Capture their leaders
As per NOVA Open (too lazy to re-type it here)

Kill them to a man!
Victory Points

Thin the ranks
[options to decide from below]
- KPs as per the Rulebook.
- Stelek's 5 x 5 option
- another option ?

I want to discuss this point further with some of the internet peoples, mvbrandt, Stelek, Kirby, and the local TO's and players in the region who this will effect the most. I am leaning towards doing standard KP's and just using the information I gather to report back to the "parent event" (NOVA Open) and to grow in future years.

Mission 1: [name tba]
Primary: Overrun their position!
Secondary: Capture their leaders
Tertiary: Thin the Ranks
Final: Kill them to a man!

Mission 2: [name tba]
Primary: Capture their leaders
Secondary: Thin the ranks
Tertiary: Overrun their position!
Final: Kill them to a man!

Mission 3: [name tba]
Primary: Thin the ranks
Secondary: Overrun their position!
Tertiary: Capture their leaders
Final: Kill them to a man

32 players
Day 1: 3 games.
Day 2 will be a mirror of these missions, rolled for randomly
Game 1: 1-2, mission 1, 3-4 mission 2, 5-6, mission 3.
Game 2: 1-3 remaning mission 1/2, 4-6 remaining mission 2/2

33-64 players
Day 1: 4 games
Game 1-3, Mission 1-3
Game 4: 1-2, mission 1, 3-4 mission 2, 5-6, mission 3.

Day 2:
Game 1: 1-3 remaning mission 1/2, 4-6 remaining mission 2/2
Game 2: Remaining mission

Friday, August 27, 2010

Centurion - Basic Player Information

The time has come to lay out the event and what is currently planned.
This is liable to change based on unforeseen circumstances.

CENTURION is Central Queensland's, and probably both Queensland and Australia's first dedicated no-comp tournament. This event will rank players on games won and lost, not battle points achieved. Winners play winners, until only one undefeated player remains. This person is the CENTURION. The CENTURION is the undisputed winner of the tournament, and takes the honour of being the undefeated player of the event. Defeated players are not relegated to obscurity however, as explained below.

The event is split into 2 days, and 3 separate tournaments.

Day 0
Provided that we are able to get interest, Friday Night will be the Str10 Challenge, whereby challenges can be levelled at the (hopefully) attending e-celebrities so that you are able to have a crack at their game play.

Day 1 is the Proving Grounds. In order to compete in the CENTURION itself, players must remain undefeated on Day 1. Only the undefeated players go through to the CENTURION. The first day will have 3 or 4 games, depending on player numbers.

Day 2 splits into 2 separate events. The CENTURION, the main event, pits the undefeated players from Day 1 against each other until, battered, bruised and bloodied, only one competitor stands victorious.
For those unlucky enough not to proceed into the CENTURION, there will, be a Combat Patrol Tournament running on the second day, which follows the same rules of Day 1, but with a 400 point limit. If this event does not interest you, tables will be available for pick up games, Apocalypse, or anything else that tickles your fancy. You can also watch the CENTURION unfold with the remaining contestants.

The tournament will have 64 spots available for players. Your place can be secured by contacting and submitting payment by the 30th January 2011. You will also need to submit a 1750 pt list (and no more!) by this date to the same address. This will give the TO's time to check your lists. and perform the other menial tasks that the administratum must perform.

Overview in short hand:

Game Size: 1750 points

Date: 5th and 6th March, 2011

Where: YWCA Hall, Rockhampton, QLD (off Robinson Street)

Entry Fee: $50 per person, includes lunch on both days, and standard dice provided for the event and for players to keep (36 x 12mm dice each)

Places available: 64.

Prizes Available:
  • CENTURION (Trophy, Prize) = undefeated across both days
  • 2nd Place (Trophy, Prize) = lost to the Tournament Winner in the final
  • 3rd Place (Trophy, Prize) = winner of the 3rd/4th placed game
  • All Rounder (Trophy, Prize) = 33% Battle Points, 33% Sports, 33% Painting
  • Standard Bearer (Trophy, Prize) = Best Painted Mini as voted by the TO’s
  • Trojan Horse (Trophy, Prize) = Best Converted Miniature as voted by the TO’s
  • Spit and Polish (Trophy, Prize) = Best Overall Army as voted by Players
  • All players that are unbeaten on Day 1 will receive a trophy.
  • Steward of the Horses (Prize) = Combat Patrol Tournament winner
  • A large number of lucky draw prizes will be available to losing players across the weekend. The more you lose, the more likely you are to win something! (No player will win more than one prize).

Requirements for players: All armies must be painted to a 3 colour minimum. Any armies that are not cannot proceed to Day 2's CENTURION event, regardless of victory. Unpainted armies will be allowed at the tournament, as not player should be excluded from playing based on this requirement.
"A warrior must go to battle with clean armor and weapons. To not do so is inviting disaster."

Sponsorship: We currently are not sponsored by any companies. If you would like to sponsor us, or provide subsidized prize support, or just remark on my roguish good looks, please don't hesitate to contact me at

We are however, sponsored by 3++ is the new black who is doing some friendly advertising for us!
If you have a blog or site and are advertising for us, please let me know and I will add you to the Sponsorship lists!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

CENTURION - propaganda begins...

With the name decision finalised, we are able to begin moving onto other important facets of the tournament.

Firstly: Logos and banners.

Anyone who would like to help promote this tournament is requested to do one of the following:
1. Select your prefered image from the pile below and link back to
2. Pop me an email with the specific wording you would like on your banner/image ... I will build it, and link back to

Right, the important things out of the road ... the banners themselves!

What does everyone think of the images / theme / layout ?

Now to start on the paperwork :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name Decision Overridden~!

I have been over-ruled by the other TO's.

My name sucks (well, is bland!)

The final name change, and now set in stone is ....


No "Open", no, "Con", no nothing. Just the 1 leading the 100 (well, 80, apparently).

Now I am off to earn a crust, and then start the player packs.

Kirby, spam at will

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decision Made ....

After much deliberation and attempting to come up with a witty name with some kind of background and meaning ....
I gave in.

I present, the CQ 40k Open.

I think, that based on popular demand, the winners of the 1st day will progress to The Cheddar Invitational.

From this point, all other players could either continue on in the Open and play it to its resolution (and then gain 1st/2nd/3rd in the soft scores environment) OR we can run the Combat Patrol option.

This is still up for consideration.

Oh, and yes, those are my marines. The entire army done in metallics. They are green. After painting 120+ orks you would think that I'd learn my lesson, but no... green marines!

Waiting on rebuttal from the other TO's before going 100% with the name, but so far they haven't been all that much help!

Monday, August 23, 2010

From names... to banners

Right, so I still cant pick a name.
Based, however, on my banner building ability (NONE!), I have whipped it down to 4 options

1. Redneck Rampage.

2. Death Star (personal least favourite!) - you cant see the starfield in the back!

3. The Cheddar Invitational

and 4. Something to do with Crocodiles that I havent worked out yet.
(where we are, is basically the southern most crocs frequent, and suffice to say, you dont swim in the river...

Thoughts? Complaints? Sticks to whack me with?

Oh, and date is a placeholder, but a definite possibility!

Nova Open Ripoff Tournament - What's in a name

Right, so I need a name before I can start advertising this (and writing what will no doubt be, the most tongue in cheek player pack in the history of the game).

After speaking with the TO of CowCon (our local comp tourney), he has suggested that we don't use "con" in the name, as this event wont ever be a "-con".

The suggestion has been to go down the path of an event name like "Winter Warfest" or "blah Open".

So, please, suggestions from my 2 fellow TO's and 2 other followers?!
These are my cerappy ideas :(

- Rocky Rumble
- Rocky Rampage
- CQ Cataclysm
- The Cheddar Open

Oh, I dunno. *brain explodes*

Anyway, brief overview of initial layout.

Points: 1750.
Players: 32 (min) - 64 (max)
Date: Late Feb to Early March (depending on clashes with other events and room hire)
Cost: $50.00 per person.
This includes :
Saturday: Knockout tournament of 3 - 4 Games
Sunday: Finals / Eliminated Bracket Mini-Tournament on Sunday.
Lunch both days
All attendees will get standard dice for use
Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, All rounder, Best Painted, Best Conversion, Trophies, and a HUGE swag of giveaways. My initial financials indicate that everybody will walk away with a prize of some description!

We are hoping that the Major Prizes will come from Forgeworld!

Thoughts? Is it too much?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nova Oz / festerCon / CheeseCon 2011

So now that SneakyDan has let the internet cat out
of the bag ... (YTTH)

I am looking at running a Nova Open ( style tourney in Central Qld.

I hope to make it a 40-50 person tourney, with a knock out style on Day 1, and Day 2 having: Tourney Champion, a Combat Patrol Mini-Tourney (400 points) and also a couple of 3v3 Apocolypse Battles.

If I can convince Gladstone TO's, I might even get them to run a Blood Bath match (something of their own creation).

Anyway, this is a placeholder and a warning, competitive 40k is coming to a large basketball hall near you... soon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MSU Orks - or how to be Cheesy without being cheesy (?)

So, blame Stelek. Yes, you heard me, Stelek.

After reading (again and again, thanks also go to Kirby) how shizen Orks are, and how pox I am at playing marines, I have decided it is in the good of all that is holy that I go back to the green horde.
Time to look into ...
*god I can't beleive I am saying this*

This is the cause (from my early YTTH readings..)

I know I did well @ QM3 with my list, and that was partially good Comp Scores, I had, not surprisingly, very large mobility issues. With the majority of my army at any given point moving through cover, the wily Difficult Terrain Roll Gods © were fsking with me in a major way... except when I NEEDED a 6 for my movement, then I consistantly got it... otherwise I averaged 3's, on 2 dice.

Anyway. Listy lists of doom:

Wazdakka Gutzmek @ 180.
Makes Biker Mobs Troops.
Big Mek, Kustom Force Field @ 85

5 Lootas @ 75
5 Lootas @ 75
Long range light A-T. I personally don't like Lootas, but if I am gunna not make friends doing a list, I might as well NOT MAKE FRIENDS :)
Nobz Squad (5 +) Painboy. All have: Cybork Body, Big Choppas. 1 with Waaagh Banner. 1 With Bosspole @ 220
Battlewagon (duh) with: Deffrolla, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Big Shoota @ 130

Here comes mumma!
Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135
Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135
Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135
!zoom zoom!
10 Grots, Runt Herder @ 40
Just keeping the seats in the Battlewagon warm

Fast Attack
1 Deffcopta, TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw @ 70
1 Deffcopta, TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw @ 70

Heavy Support
Battlewagon with: Deffrolla, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Big Shoota @ 130 3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas @ 135
3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas @ 135

KP: 15 (not so bad I suppose, all things considered.)
S8: 2 Twin Linked AP3, 4 normal AP4
S7: 10-30 AP4
S6: 12 small blasts AP5

S5: 36 Twin Linked AP5 + 6 normal AP5
S4: 6 AP 6
S3: 10 AP-
PowerKlaws: 6, plus another 6 DCCW
Stats: 8 vehicles, 2 jetbikes, 13 bikes, 6 walkers, 27 infantry.
Apart from the Lootas, the entire army is mounted or advancing.
Plan of Attack:
Koptas scout for a first turn charge on their A-T or transports. Mek rides with the Grots and the Nobs sidle up next to it. Wazdakka leads a flank charge with the other bikers and generally tries to shoot / charge rhinos / etc. 4 S8 shots should cause some pain. Apart from that, standard rules apply.

I am looking at this list and just wondering where my punch will lie. I don't see anything I would be happy throwing at the opponent. Maybe swapping the Kans and Koptas ....

List 2:
Wazdakka Gutzmek @ 180.
Big Mek, Kustom Force Field @ 85

5 Lootas @ 75
5 Lootas @ 75

Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135

Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135

Warbiker Squad (3 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 135
Warbiker Squad (2 bikes +), Nob, PowerKlaw @ 110

Boys (18 +) Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole @ 160
Boys (19 +) Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole @ 160

Fast Attack

2 Deffcopta, TL Rokkits, 1 Buzzsaw @ 115
2 Deffcopta, TL Rokkits, 1 Buzzsaw @ 115

Heavy Support
Battlewagon with: Deffrolla, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Big Shoota, Red Paint Job @ 135
Battlewagon with: Deffrolla, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Big Shoota, Red Paint Job @ 135


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

QM3 ... and its done

So, the tourney is over.

Some batreps to come, some wont as I got too engrossed to be bothered taking photos!

I got 8th overall, taking out the "top Rocky player" spot and generally being a happy fester.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arvus Lander Conversion

Recently saw on WGAU a guy asking about the 2 Arvus models and if they were any good.

So instead of replying there direct, I thought I would try drive some more traffic (and add searchability) with what I did.

I actually use is regularly in normal games (and tourneys) as a Counts-As Landraider.

It is almost exactly the right size. (about 10mm wider than a regular land raider)

Model quality was excellent overall. I was very happy with it.

I magnetised the weaponry on it for playability and WYSIWYG whingers.

Size sample:

Example of the end product:

I drilled 3 holes in the under-wing and in the chassis and glued magnets in there so the wings are removable.
I also magnetised the entire body (it splits in half for "wrecked" results).
I got Razorback turrets and popped a little 1.5mm magnet in the mounting and wing for the lascannnons and glued the Heavy bolters to the front cockpit window.

Overall, most people love it, and as its for my Pre-Heresy Sons of Horus, I can get away with the fluff too!