Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Open Letter to GW

This letter train started at 3++ is the new black, is authored by Australian players (myself and Kirby amongst others), and needs to be read, understood and passed on.

To Games Workshop,

Why? No seriously, why? I'm sure the excuse of cutting off Australasia and other countries (Canada, India, Korea, South American countries, etc.) to benefit the independent and GW store sales in Australia sounded good but unless you cut the prices here to not be a ridiculous 200% higher price than overseas, it's not going to happen. Let's look at this logically. You've stopped us from buying from stores like Maelstrom and Wayland with an embargo agreement in your Terms and Conditions (remember globalisation? how's that going btw?). Does this mean we are going to now buy at RRP in Australia or other countries? No.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Luna Wolves

So I have embarked on painting these white bad boys, and I have 2 test models left to do.
Of course, I have to finish the Captain as well :)

Before I get sidetracked, thanks to Warpaintguy for the stylish blogger vote, and I will get to that response in time :) I have to work out a few things before I do my big post.
Anyway, instead of doing that post, I was painting.
Some more pics beloooooww.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Luna Wolves AoBR Captain

I am trying out my hand at ... well ... painting well instead of vomiting on minis.
Here is the prototype for my marine repaint - Luna Wolves Captain Fester von Festerson (name may not be Warhammer canon).

I intend to do decent photos soon, this was a 3 minute this-morning job.

Some touchups, shoulder pad embellishments and a base TBC.

If I think its worth the effort will be entered into painting comp @ Cowcon - the local RTT.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Personal reminder: you are insane

Wish these were mine, link is here
So I'm slipping on my resolve to paint Howling Griffons... but slipping to Luna Wolves which are, of course, white.

So much easier..


Oh, and my personal note:
These storm shields are awesome, must do this with my Luna Wolves...