Saturday, July 31, 2010

QM3 Trials Part 3 - Orks vs Imperial Guard (Wonna)

Game 3 - would my luck turn or would the Orks be the whipping-boys of QM3 (and hell, everywhere else).

So starting this game, Wonna brings :
2 Russes (not as a squadron)
CCS with lascannon & Master of the Fleet
5 infantry platoons in Chimeras
Valk + Melta Vets
Blog squad with Commisar (and missile launchers, and 2 power weapons)
And god knows what I have forgotten.

So we roll for mission:
Pitched Battle
and ... and ... and ...
Crap. Annihilation


Oh well. Roll for deployment and Wonna goes first.


He sets up his static line on his left, and his flanking line on the right. The middle Chimera has a CCS with 4 Flamer guys in it. *weeps*

I don't reserve anything and just try to fit my army on the board, focusing my heavy stuff against his static side.

Turn 1
After scouting the Valk (and me not getting the initiative) Wonna plays the "kill da Ork" game... and wins.

Manticore - 3 shots. You will note the large hole in my horde! 11 from one squad, 4 from the other (or something similar.
Russ into a Dread, BANG, thankfully the only nearby targets were Kans which laughed it off.
Both missile pods on the Valk hit, and kill some more boyz. His Vets, however, roll 4 MG hits < 6 inches and only land one!. Pen. Immobilised!
Phew. At least I have a chance with the Wagon now.

The Chimera horde rolls up and smokes. This was his mistake, and something I pointed out at the end of the game : don't go to Orks. Use your range and mobility and I wouldn't have ever caught you.

I decide to be creative and use tactics... and rush mindlessly at his lines.
A dread finally kills something (took 3 games!) and put 13 HF wounds on a vet squad, which quickly evaporated. Then I roll up, err, sit still, with the Wagon, light up the Valk with Missiles and bang, wrecked!
Repair roll: 3. Crap. Need to buy that mek a new wrench or something.

One last important highlight, through sneaky manouvering I managed to stun and shake the CCS Chimera, delaying the flamers for a turn!

Turn 2
Here comes the cavalry.

Wonna pushes the Chimeras that he can into my lines, and plays the Heavy Flamer game, which, inevitably, I lose. He almost breaks a squad, but I survive. He pings a Kan, or at least stuns it, and doesn't do much more than that.

Time for some revenge, served the best way: Green.

Charge into 3 Chimeras, wreck one, stun the hell out of another two and rip the flamer off them. Excellent!

The rest of the army pushes up. Kans level one CCS with Grotzookas, and the Nobs prepare to charge only to see their target (the CCS) disappear in a red mist.

Turn 3
The tide turns for me, in Wonna's shooting phase.

He rolls up the CCS Flamer squad, and toasts the blue squad after pulling a shaken chimera out of the way.
RIP Blue.

He notices Red are nicely clumped up for a Manticore blast, rolls a 6 - 3 shots. Scatter. Straight onto his own guys.
Blast 1: 9 Die.
Blast 2: scatters safely.
Blast 3: Direct hit on the CCS's chimera. Pen. Weapon Destroyed. "The attacker chooses" and picks the Multi-Laser.
The other Chimera lays some shots into White Squad taking them below fearless.

I move up, shoot 1 squad of Kan's grotzookas into the blog squad (it has eaten some shots over the last turn or 2, and now looks like this:)
6 S6 AP5 small blasts later (from one squad)
30 hits.
25 wounds.

Need I say more?

I pull back White squad to get my FC again and wreck the chimera.

Nobs eat a Russ in CC and end up nice and clumped for ....

Turn 4

Err, cough.

The remaining Russ brought the Nob Squad a present in the form of a battlecannon. Out of all the S8 wounds, I didnt make a save or FNP (on the Warboss) and the Heavy Bolters left 1 wound on 1 Nob.
He was then charged, and didn't survive. Commisar 1, Warboss 0.

In my Turn 4, I ate the CCS's Chimera with my Red Squad, it exploded and killed the contents.
I shot the Manticore with my Kans, ripped off both the HF and the missile rack (though empty).

At that point, we called the game as over, it was 11:00pm and the rest would have been me cleaning up his forces and going for the wipeout - relevant in a tourney, not relevant in a training match.

Result: Victory
Me: Lost 4 KP (dread, Blue squad, Warboss, Nob Squad)
Wonna: Lost 11-12 KP (CCS x 2, Chimera x 4, Russ, Valk, Vets, Platoon x 2/3).

This is what the army is capable of if you don't manage to stop it or outrun it. Yay!

QM3 Tryouts Part 2 - SneakyDan's Tau

So this game was going to go one of 2 ways:
1. Hit his lines and he folds.
2. Shooting fish in a barrel.

See above pic for results spoiler :/

So, we roll for the game, and its Table Quarters, Annihilation.
Yay :(

So, knowing whats coming, I give Dan first turn so that I can react to his deployment.

The greater good would be proud. Lines and lines of ablative crap.

I reserve all my infantry and give him the Walkers and Wagon to shoot at.

So, I fail to stealinate the iniative.
Turn 1
Dan moves a little, and lights me up.

Wagon, Immobilised.
1 Kan from yellow squad, dead. 1 dread, dead.

I suprisingly, move up and run. Also fail the repair on the Wagon.

Turn 2

Dan brings the pirahnas out, stuns the wagon, blows up another Kan.

I ... push up. Shoot a single Grotzooka which does SFA and fluff my repair roll on the Wagon.

I also manage to bring on 2 boys squads. with a lucky Run and Waaagh roll I charge into a railhead, ripping off the railgun.

Turn 3

The other railhead does this. 16 hits. 14 wounds. Failed 4 cover saves.
More turkey shooting and manouvering from Dans and killing of my walkers (forgot to take shots).
In CC the railhead gets stunned (or something similar)

I brought on the rest of the reserves and continued to CC the Railhead... and its got no weapons, cant shoot, cant move, and immobilized.
My kingdom for a destroyed result!

 Turn 4

 Dan tries a new tactic ... Shooting.

He manages to PIN the squad in CC with the Railhead meaning it keeps on surviving!

I try a new tactic. OK, no I dont. I do CC and thats about it.
I get the Nob Squad into the RailHead, blow it up and wipe the rest of my Red squad out (well, break it and it runs with 1 model left). Figures.

Killed a Pirahna in shooting.
Finally fixed the Wagon too.... and then ...

Turn 5

No more Wagon.
He pulled back, shot me some more. We rolled for end of game before my turn (as without that roll I wouldnt bother moving) and Dan rolled a 1.


SneakyDan: 6-7KP (Walkers and 1 squad of boys and the Wagon)
Me: 1 KP (Railhead)

Result: Spanking.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QM3 List vs BohicaBob's Nids

Play nice ...

I managed to get in a run against Rob's Nids list and am going to a write me up a "where I failed" battlereport.

So my list was:
6 Kans, Grotzookas
2 Dreads, Skorchas
6 Nobs with BigChoppas, Painboy, 5++
Warboss PK 5++
Big Mek KFF
Battlewagon, 4 RL, Kannon
4x 20 boys with PK Nob
::: almost 100 models
His List was:

Termagaunts x 20-30
Choppy Fex
Shooty Fex
9 spore mines
5 super-stealers.
::: 40-45 models
So, here we go:

We roll for mission:
Std deployment, Annihilation.
He gives me first turn. He then sticks 9 spore mines in my deployment zone and leaves it at that.
My Deployment:

He then does the smart thing and refuses Flank

And thats game. No way to come back from this. Lets see how I go?

So overview of what happened. I push my forces up and flamer/run over all the spore mines. I take 1 casualty (they are Orks, I have to lose 1).

He then basically did the same. He shot into my closest squad of Kans and blew 2 up, Immobilized and ripped the gun off the other.

Then i rushed Red squad forward, Waaagh's (fatal mistake) and charged the shooty fex.

Due to distances I couldnt bring the whole squads attacks to bear and took 2 wounds off it. I lose like 6 boys to fearless wounds.
The nearby choppy fex charges in to join, I kill the shooty fex with normal attacks and the PK which now isnt in B2B with anything sits there like a goose. Failed leadership, caught and destroyed. Crap.

Around here, the Stealers popped up, charged a squad and got backhanded into the undergrowth on the other flank.

Rob swaps sides with the Tyrant and the Choppy fex and runs the fex along his long board edge and the flyrant into my deployment zone.

The flyrant charges into my Nobs, after the whole army shot at them. Then with a shot of the "you are now WS/BS1" power, it proceeds to eat my squad, breaks, and destorys them. Crap.

Aftermath of this looks like above. "Flank, what flank?"

Yellow Squad pushed towards the Flyrant to try and tarpit it, and a Dread followed blindly.

\ The Wagon is destroyed in CC but the Big Mek survives.

 I move the Mek to join with the boys squad, and then use that to leap-frog into combat with the Fex.The dread crosses over into the gaunts, charges, and get surrounded safely for the rest of the game.

From there, the back flank turned into a mexican standoff with me trying to bring the weight of forces together to charge and him waiting.

Game ends at turn 5.

BohicaBob: 6-7 (ish) KP (Warboss, 2 squads of Kans, Nobs, Wagon, Boys squad, Dreadnaught (see title pic)
Me: 3 Shooty Fex, Stealers, something else I cant remember.

Overall, good game. I could have used that Waaagh move 5 times over and wish I hadnt have wasted it so early. Also, in the Orky heat of the battle I forgot to shoot and run on the 2nd turn, costing my dearly.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ah-huh! QM3 decision made!

Barring things like my legs being broken, this is the list I have decided on.

110% non-competitive, but should be LOLs to play with.

Warboss, PowerKlaw, Attack Squig, Cybork Body
Big Mek, Kustom Force Field.

Nobs Squad x 7, Painboy, Big Choppas, Cybork Bodies, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
BattleWagon, 'ard Case, Kannon, 4x Rokkit Launcha

19 Slugga Boyz, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole, 2x Rokkit Launchas
19 Slugga Boyz, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole, 2x Rokkit Launchas
19 Slugga Boys, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas
19 Slugga Boys, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas

Deff Dread, 2 Skorchas

Heavy Support
Deff Dread, 2 Skorchas
3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas
3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas

Spammy, a little. But if I get nuked for running 4 troop choices their comp score will be 0'd.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Latest progress on Boofy's Eldar

Got the will to pick up a brush last night.

Started painting the black.

Once I get the Cannons/Catapults done tonight, I will be working on the gems and the screens.
Tossing aroung the idea of not painting the seats, as IRL the matt black looks different to the gloss black, and gives a different feel to the mini.

Friday, July 9, 2010

They say an image paints a thousand something or others. I dunno, something profound.
I am still lost on my QM lists.
Should I play what I ran @ Cowcon:

Kor'Sarro Khan
Terminator Squad
Land Raider
Dreadnought, Twin Linked AutoCannon, DCCW

Tactical Squad 1
Power Fist, Missile Launcher, Flamer

Tactical Squad 2
Power Fist, MultiMelta, Meltagun

Tactical Squad 3
Power Fist, Missile Launcher, Meltagun

Dakka Predator
Vindicator, Dozer Blades
Vindicator, Dozer Blades

1750 Pts - Space Marines: Codex Army

Should I run with a BA variant?

Librarian Shield, Blood Lance
Librarian Dread, Wings, something
Sangy Priest.
Baal Predator (Autocannon, HB)
10 Assault Marines, Melta x 2, PW, Rhino
10 Assault Marines, Flamer x 2, PW, Rhino
10 Tactical Marines, ML, Fl, PW, Razorback (flamer)
StormRaven Gunship, MM, Autocannon, Hurricane Bolters
1700-ish with points spare

Should I run an Orkz List?

Warboss, PK, Squig, Cybork, Bosspole
Warboss, PK, Squig, Cybork, Bosspole

6 Nobs + Painboy, Cybork, Big Choppas, Bosspole, Waaagh Banner
Battlewagon, Grots, RPJ, Deffrolla, Armour Plates

6 Nobs + Painboy, Cybork, Big Choppas, Bosspole, Waaagh Banner
Battlewagon, Grots, RPJ, Deffrolla, Armour Plates

19 Boyz + Nob, PK, Bosspole

Battlewagon, Grots, RPJ, Deffrolla, Armour Plates
Battlewagon, RPJ, Reinforced Ram, 4 Rokkits, Kannon

6 FlashGitz, Painboy, Shootier, More Dakka, Cybork

More random crazy with Flash Gitz, and generally better comp, but I know they will either underperform or be crap. Saying that, that is 12 S6 shots @ 24" range from a bunker that shoots 5 S8 AP3 shots too ...

Dunno really.
What should I dooooooo....
I would be most comfortable running a BW Blitz list, but I swore to run Marines this tourney season ...

stupid stupid head.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More list ideas of fail - Space Marines

Kor'sarro Khan
Command Squad - LC/SS, LC/SS, LC/SS, LC/SS, Medic
Razorback Stronos

10 Tactical Marines, ML, MG, PF

10 Tactical Marines, ML, Fl, PF

10 Tactical Marines, MM, Mg, PF

3 Space Marine Bikers, 2 Plasmaguns

5 Sternguard
Razorback Stronos

5 Sternguard
Razorback Stronos.

57 models.
14-17 KP.

Hmm, worse than I thought.