Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do I do my basing

Had a query in the Chat box on 3++ when I was *shock horror* actually working today and MIA...

How do I do my bases?

The truth of the matter couldn't be more embarrassing.

1. Take a sheet of .5mm (0.020 inch) plasticard and randomly chop it up into shapes
2. Glue in some semblance of a pattern (think slate) on the base.
3. Basecoat Black
4. Wet coat Beastial Brown
5. REALLY wet paint (just splash it around) the raised areas with Codex Grey
6. Wash the grooves with Devlan mud, just to cover any spots you messed
7. Repeat step 5, leaving spots, with Dheneb Stone.

Jobs Done!
You can go from start to finish in a 2 hour night, including drying time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Concept photos!

Ladies and gentlemen (ladies?).... (gentlemen?)

This is my latest and fester-est models.
These are the proof of concept for my BA Footspam variant, which is basically as follows.

Terminator Captain
2x10 Shooty Termies with CML
2 Priests
3x8 Blood Letters Scouts
2x5 Devastators with 3 ML

Uhh, yeah, thats 1750!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marine ideas again, and a steaming pile of crap ensues.

I just cant leave bad enough alone.

Looking once again at my Marines, and how to make them function at 1750. I really want to crack this :)
I have a distinct lack of viable vehicles for a true mech marines list, and at this junction in my life I cannot be fuc.. err, bothered in fixing all the rhinos to be Razorbacks, and I cannot afford to do a Bloodhammer list like I would like.

Where does this leave me? Crapsville.
Well, no actually, Ebay. See I went for a wander today and found a place I can get 15 AoBR terminators for the princely sum of, get this, $45 AUD + postage. While I was cruising around that person's site, I noticed that they had full scout squads in 4 separate bits piles for $1 per bits pack. Hopefully I pick all of these up, which will let me look at starting my 1st and 10th list, with some scratchbuilt Speeder Storms later on.

Until then, lists ahoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Marines, in detail.

Bad news, no Battle report
So my wife decided, instead of my playing 40k, she should get Gastro and I would look after my darling rugrat.

So here, Monday, and I'm still looking after the pair of them. The upshot is that I finally pulled my finger out and took some shots of my Marines.

Warning: HUUUUGE images follow.
I know that the paint job is "crappy" and chipped in some places, but the army was a repaint of a repaint of a repaint... when I got it second hand.

Theres a job in the to-do for me to strip and re-do these guys... one day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The match of a lifetime...

Mirror Match!
This Sunday, presuming my now fevered wife (as in, she has a 38.7 degree C temp) gets better, I will be playing a match against my dead friend, and whipping-boy co-worker Wonna. You can see the results of our last bout... here.

Basically, with this one-of-chance to get to the LFGC (club) I suggest to Wonna that instead of me trouncing his Guard again, we might swap armies and see if we can each teach the other some tactics, and generally try something different.

Now before I go any further... I hate Guard. So boring to play against. Worse than Green Tide. At least as a Green Tide player you get to make algae jokes.

This post is both a helper post for me for later, when I do my Battle Report, and a warning to Kirbs that its gunna go up on 3++ as well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New-codex-itis, a few months late

Well, we have spoken about how piss-poor my Marine model collection is.

If you don't, its a collection of old SM army collections from 2nd/3rd ed that have been sold and resold around the are over the last decade. I have finally grabbed them, added to the pile with Black Reach and made a god-aweful mess of an army.

To make up for this, I hat thrown together a possible option for an army based on some key purchases and modelling.