Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hammering out my army for Cent

I haven't mentioned it here, but I am loaning my army to a guy for Cent and I had to make a few alterations and speed paint some things.

Brolo of 3++ fame is shipping me 3 kans that were supposed to be here yesterday.

Oh well, digging through a trade I found a new plastic Kan!
So to start on the last 3 models, I have whipped up this.

I dub thee, ThunderKan (I will always try to convince my opponent it has a 3++ save too :) )

This is the army's vehicles, minus 3 more Killa Kans. Count the vehicles (and dont miss the trukk in the back of the battlewagon). Add 3 for the other Kans. What you get?
22? Correct.
Oh, and this is 1750 btw :)


  1. Nice Siege Shield mate - adds a lot of character to the already awesome mini.

  2. 3++ fame.... ha ha ha

    Sorry they didn't arrive in time... hell, have they even arrived yet?

    That bad boy looks great fester.

  3. Brolo - no, they still haven't arrived. Sigh.

    Also, this particular Kan is for you... I have to finish painting, rebase, and do some more stuff to it before I send it. I'll grab your address off you in a week or so :D
    Gunna have some non-40k downtime before I get back into it