Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cowcon Terrain Finished, and moving onto evil plan #2

So, the terrain is painted. I won't be putting up pictures until after the tourney (in 2 weeks timeish).
There has to be SOME suspense :)

As for the next project. Boofy's Eldar.

I have been given, mainly on sprue, the following:

18 Jetbikes
10 Fire Dragons
8 Warp Spiders
2 Falcons
1 FW Nightspinner (yay!)
4 Vypers

This all settles into a nice 1750 list, with the jetbike farseer to come.

I have been requested to do torso swaps for all the guardians (replacement torsos are supplied too)
Beyond that, I have started the first jetbike rider, and Boofy has given me lotsa lotsa colour schemes to follow for his eldar. They will be prodominantly black and orange. The Guardians will be black(ish) and green highlights.

Look for pictures coming in the next week or 2 of the first jetbikes, or if all runs well, ALL the jetbikes finished.

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