Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For the Warmaster: Part 1, Bloodletters

The Bloodletters aka BA Scouts are done, apart from:
1. Eyes
2. Tongues
3. Cleanup
4. Varnish (I never varnish, but these babies have seen a few dings already and that scares me)

More pictures after the jump (god I feel like Goatboy!)

I am very happy with the banner effect, which was:
- Dehneb Stone
- Washed with my super-Sons of Horus mix (50% Thraka Green, 50% Asurman Blue)
Then free handed the logo in black!


  1. They look great! Nice to see a fellow "Counts As" player.

  2. Add some more highlighting to the black on the banner and you should be good.

  3. @CounterFett
    It's nice using models you like and have, in a theme, to pull of a cohesive army :)
    Link me to your stuff

    Thanks for the input Eltnot, I will try that tonight.