Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to: Pre Heresy Terminator (Justaerin) Shoulder Pad from AoBR Terminators.

D-D-Double posted on 3++ Is the New Black!

So, it's time to look into how I did my shoulderpads, and like all good conversions, simple is awesome is simple.

And end-result can look like the image to the right.

Anyway, here goes nothing.
Pardon the HUGE break in text, but if I don't all the images and instructions wont line up!

First, here is my Terminator I am going to be working on primarily for this Tute... My Terminator Sargent... better known as Abbaddon. He is wielding a Stormbolter and a Bloodletter Sword, because it is cool.

I then take a tube of Evergreen Tubing size 236, which is 1/2 inch tubing (12.7mm for you metric people).
This is slightly too big for the shoulders, but the exact size which would be 15/32 inch they dont make.

NOTE: This is to fit over the terminator shoulderpads, not the bare shoulders. I am using AoBR (Black Reach) Terminators for this, and the pads are already attached.

 I then cut them into the appropriate length, generally about 10-13 mm depending on how you feel.

From there, cut them down the length, at about the 30% line.
They will then safely sit on the shoulders of your Terminator... like this:

Great, but it doesn't look like the artwork. What's the cheating-est tool to do that ?

Excellent. I know he morphed into another Termy at the end, but that is because I got ahead of the photo taking with Abbaddon.
From there you glue and screw them on, add details like a .5mm strip or a 2nd layer of tubing, and call it job well done.

Terminator Shoulder pads in bugger-all easy steps, and about 10 minutes.

As a send off, some comparisons between Horus (True-Scale Power Armour WIP), Regular grunt, and Abbaddon.


  1. Very nice. I like this a lot better than the cereal-box method that I see most often. I don't care if it is sealed with super glue and paint, I would never feel comfortable enough using cardboard for anything on my models.

  2. I use Dreadnought leg-pads and they work pretty awesome, but I like your method too Fester.


  3. Oh, I agree Dreadnaught pads are awesome!
    The issue is, I am doing up like 17 terminators, and thats 34 pads, which adds up $ wise.
    The pipe I am using cost $4 AU, which is nothing :)