Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Luna Wolves

So I have embarked on painting these white bad boys, and I have 2 test models left to do.
Of course, I have to finish the Captain as well :)

Before I get sidetracked, thanks to Warpaintguy for the stylish blogger vote, and I will get to that response in time :) I have to work out a few things before I do my big post.
Anyway, instead of doing that post, I was painting.
Some more pics beloooooww.

And the dreadnought body, which is test model #2...

I need to paint his feet, but I dont want to paint them white - not because its hard, but because I think it might be too much. Saying that, in these photos they feel like they need to be white.

One day I will get my decent camera and take some shots outside, but too lazy this week :)

Oh, and another thing, for those who keep track of other people's social lives - I start a new job tomorrow  after quitting my job of 5.5yrs to try another challenge in the IT field.

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  1. print out a proper backdrop, it will help the camera focus on the model more and make the picture quality better. I put a link up to one on the RSGA forums ages ago.