Tuesday, August 2, 2011

List ideas - Space Wolves?

Dave Taylor's Horus (not mine!)
So SneakyDan came around to meet little fester Jnr the other day and suprisingly, we were talking shop (aka 40k).
He suggested, instead of buggering around with the BA / C:SM lists I have been working on (which are basically mech marines + 10 shooty-nators), I should instead consider looking into Space Wolves.

Now, I have been avoiding Wolves like the plague, simply because they are still the favour of the month, and seen (here in comp-land), as the worst thing since sliced Lash Princes.

So anyway, he talks me into looking at Logan Grumblebum or whatever his name is, and given the slant I have towards the Luna Wolves / Sons of Horus, he probably is the best Horus matchup in the game right now.


Onto the list. Seeing as I am in comp land, I have completely ignored comp and tried to write a list that will actually work, instead of one that is softy soft.

1750 Loganwing - fester style. (1745 points)
Horus Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath)

2 x Wolf Guard Pack (5 models)
- Terminator Armor, Cyclone Missile, PowerFist
- Power Weapon
- Combi Melta
- 2 with no upgrades
Razorback, Lascannon/Twin Linked Plasma Gun

1 x Wolf Guard Pack (10 models)
- 2 Terminator Armor, Cyclone Missile, Powerweapon
- 2 Power Weapon
- 2 Combi Melta
- 4 with no upgrades
Razorback, Lascannon/Twin Linked Plasma Gun

2 x Landspeeder Typhoon, Heavy Flamer
3 x 5 Long fangs with 4 Missiles.
We are a little light on troops and melta, sure, but 24 missiles a turn has to make someone cry :)
Oh, and the 3 Razorbacks and the Rune priest for lols :)
I am going to be running a 1500 tourney later this year and am thinking of taking a very similar list... just not sure how to trim it back. The troops have to stay as-is, so to cut 250 points out is something like:
2 Razors and the Rune Priest, 2 Speeders and a Razor, all the Razors (and another 20 points), or some long fangs and speeder/razor/priest.
Really, none of which are options I want to take.

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