Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whats on the workbench ...

So... This is what is on my workbench, and also the deadlines for each (if applicable).

By the last weekend of June 2010:
  • Paint the Autocannons on Dreadnaught 
  • Paint Scratch-built Autocannon Turret for 2nd Ed Predator 
  • Finish Painting the Scratch built Warhound 
  • Build 'Battle for Istvaan 5' Terrain for Tournament Table 
  • Finish 'Cheap-Ass-Trenches' Table's terrain and boards

Now, for my second trick - no ETA:

I approached one of the local guys - who has something like 36,000 points of Eldar, to paint some of his almost completely unpainted army. He said "sure" and flicked my the following list

  • Farseer on Bike
  • 18 Jetbike Guardians
  • 10 Fire Dragons
  • 4 Vypers
  • 2 Falcons
  • And a Forgeworld Nightspinner in a pear tree.

I have most of these in my possession, and he has outlined the paint scheme for them. Time to hit the grindstone.


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