Monday, May 31, 2010

Istvaan 5 Terrain for Cowcon, Part 1

So, the plan is as follows for this table:
2 pieces of area terrain.
4 Wall sections ~1ft tall x 1 ft wide. This is the bastion that the Death Guard set up.
1 Titan to anchor the centre of the board.

This is the general plan of the table.

RED: Area Terrain.
GREY: Walls
GREEN: Titan
WHITE, open space

Its a little unusual, but remember that the walls are 100% LOS blocking, even for Valks (they are that tall).

Right, onto some more pics:

Titan, Updated, weapons painted, good colour, and the base @ 60% (just needs the rubble picked out).

So, thats the centrepiece.

Now for my 2 centre (flanking) wall sections.

Sons of Horus Logo on the wall
Khorne Logo on the wall, and some models for size comparison


  1. Whoa, man Fester, what are those walls made of? I mean the bases?

    That all looks awesome!

  2. They come with IBM laptops to stop them being damages in transit - think hard plastic versions of the styrofoam around normal pcs