Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QM3 List vs BohicaBob's Nids

Play nice ...

I managed to get in a run against Rob's Nids list and am going to a write me up a "where I failed" battlereport.

So my list was:
6 Kans, Grotzookas
2 Dreads, Skorchas
6 Nobs with BigChoppas, Painboy, 5++
Warboss PK 5++
Big Mek KFF
Battlewagon, 4 RL, Kannon
4x 20 boys with PK Nob
::: almost 100 models
His List was:

Termagaunts x 20-30
Choppy Fex
Shooty Fex
9 spore mines
5 super-stealers.
::: 40-45 models
So, here we go:

We roll for mission:
Std deployment, Annihilation.
He gives me first turn. He then sticks 9 spore mines in my deployment zone and leaves it at that.
My Deployment:

He then does the smart thing and refuses Flank

And thats game. No way to come back from this. Lets see how I go?

So overview of what happened. I push my forces up and flamer/run over all the spore mines. I take 1 casualty (they are Orks, I have to lose 1).

He then basically did the same. He shot into my closest squad of Kans and blew 2 up, Immobilized and ripped the gun off the other.

Then i rushed Red squad forward, Waaagh's (fatal mistake) and charged the shooty fex.

Due to distances I couldnt bring the whole squads attacks to bear and took 2 wounds off it. I lose like 6 boys to fearless wounds.
The nearby choppy fex charges in to join, I kill the shooty fex with normal attacks and the PK which now isnt in B2B with anything sits there like a goose. Failed leadership, caught and destroyed. Crap.

Around here, the Stealers popped up, charged a squad and got backhanded into the undergrowth on the other flank.

Rob swaps sides with the Tyrant and the Choppy fex and runs the fex along his long board edge and the flyrant into my deployment zone.

The flyrant charges into my Nobs, after the whole army shot at them. Then with a shot of the "you are now WS/BS1" power, it proceeds to eat my squad, breaks, and destorys them. Crap.

Aftermath of this looks like above. "Flank, what flank?"

Yellow Squad pushed towards the Flyrant to try and tarpit it, and a Dread followed blindly.

\ The Wagon is destroyed in CC but the Big Mek survives.

 I move the Mek to join with the boys squad, and then use that to leap-frog into combat with the Fex.The dread crosses over into the gaunts, charges, and get surrounded safely for the rest of the game.

From there, the back flank turned into a mexican standoff with me trying to bring the weight of forces together to charge and him waiting.

Game ends at turn 5.

BohicaBob: 6-7 (ish) KP (Warboss, 2 squads of Kans, Nobs, Wagon, Boys squad, Dreadnaught (see title pic)
Me: 3 Shooty Fex, Stealers, something else I cant remember.

Overall, good game. I could have used that Waaagh move 5 times over and wish I hadnt have wasted it so early. Also, in the Orky heat of the battle I forgot to shoot and run on the 2nd turn, costing my dearly.


  1. Ork must die,
    Ork must die,
    If not an Ork then walk on by,
    With a nick nack paddy whack kill an ork today,
    Stick it in him all the way.


  2. This was more funny after Eltnot actually came and sang this at me :)