Saturday, July 31, 2010

QM3 Tryouts Part 2 - SneakyDan's Tau

So this game was going to go one of 2 ways:
1. Hit his lines and he folds.
2. Shooting fish in a barrel.

See above pic for results spoiler :/

So, we roll for the game, and its Table Quarters, Annihilation.
Yay :(

So, knowing whats coming, I give Dan first turn so that I can react to his deployment.

The greater good would be proud. Lines and lines of ablative crap.

I reserve all my infantry and give him the Walkers and Wagon to shoot at.

So, I fail to stealinate the iniative.
Turn 1
Dan moves a little, and lights me up.

Wagon, Immobilised.
1 Kan from yellow squad, dead. 1 dread, dead.

I suprisingly, move up and run. Also fail the repair on the Wagon.

Turn 2

Dan brings the pirahnas out, stuns the wagon, blows up another Kan.

I ... push up. Shoot a single Grotzooka which does SFA and fluff my repair roll on the Wagon.

I also manage to bring on 2 boys squads. with a lucky Run and Waaagh roll I charge into a railhead, ripping off the railgun.

Turn 3

The other railhead does this. 16 hits. 14 wounds. Failed 4 cover saves.
More turkey shooting and manouvering from Dans and killing of my walkers (forgot to take shots).
In CC the railhead gets stunned (or something similar)

I brought on the rest of the reserves and continued to CC the Railhead... and its got no weapons, cant shoot, cant move, and immobilized.
My kingdom for a destroyed result!

 Turn 4

 Dan tries a new tactic ... Shooting.

He manages to PIN the squad in CC with the Railhead meaning it keeps on surviving!

I try a new tactic. OK, no I dont. I do CC and thats about it.
I get the Nob Squad into the RailHead, blow it up and wipe the rest of my Red squad out (well, break it and it runs with 1 model left). Figures.

Killed a Pirahna in shooting.
Finally fixed the Wagon too.... and then ...

Turn 5

No more Wagon.
He pulled back, shot me some more. We rolled for end of game before my turn (as without that roll I wouldnt bother moving) and Dan rolled a 1.


SneakyDan: 6-7KP (Walkers and 1 squad of boys and the Wagon)
Me: 1 KP (Railhead)

Result: Spanking.

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