Saturday, July 31, 2010

QM3 Trials Part 3 - Orks vs Imperial Guard (Wonna)

Game 3 - would my luck turn or would the Orks be the whipping-boys of QM3 (and hell, everywhere else).

So starting this game, Wonna brings :
2 Russes (not as a squadron)
CCS with lascannon & Master of the Fleet
5 infantry platoons in Chimeras
Valk + Melta Vets
Blog squad with Commisar (and missile launchers, and 2 power weapons)
And god knows what I have forgotten.

So we roll for mission:
Pitched Battle
and ... and ... and ...
Crap. Annihilation


Oh well. Roll for deployment and Wonna goes first.


He sets up his static line on his left, and his flanking line on the right. The middle Chimera has a CCS with 4 Flamer guys in it. *weeps*

I don't reserve anything and just try to fit my army on the board, focusing my heavy stuff against his static side.

Turn 1
After scouting the Valk (and me not getting the initiative) Wonna plays the "kill da Ork" game... and wins.

Manticore - 3 shots. You will note the large hole in my horde! 11 from one squad, 4 from the other (or something similar.
Russ into a Dread, BANG, thankfully the only nearby targets were Kans which laughed it off.
Both missile pods on the Valk hit, and kill some more boyz. His Vets, however, roll 4 MG hits < 6 inches and only land one!. Pen. Immobilised!
Phew. At least I have a chance with the Wagon now.

The Chimera horde rolls up and smokes. This was his mistake, and something I pointed out at the end of the game : don't go to Orks. Use your range and mobility and I wouldn't have ever caught you.

I decide to be creative and use tactics... and rush mindlessly at his lines.
A dread finally kills something (took 3 games!) and put 13 HF wounds on a vet squad, which quickly evaporated. Then I roll up, err, sit still, with the Wagon, light up the Valk with Missiles and bang, wrecked!
Repair roll: 3. Crap. Need to buy that mek a new wrench or something.

One last important highlight, through sneaky manouvering I managed to stun and shake the CCS Chimera, delaying the flamers for a turn!

Turn 2
Here comes the cavalry.

Wonna pushes the Chimeras that he can into my lines, and plays the Heavy Flamer game, which, inevitably, I lose. He almost breaks a squad, but I survive. He pings a Kan, or at least stuns it, and doesn't do much more than that.

Time for some revenge, served the best way: Green.

Charge into 3 Chimeras, wreck one, stun the hell out of another two and rip the flamer off them. Excellent!

The rest of the army pushes up. Kans level one CCS with Grotzookas, and the Nobs prepare to charge only to see their target (the CCS) disappear in a red mist.

Turn 3
The tide turns for me, in Wonna's shooting phase.

He rolls up the CCS Flamer squad, and toasts the blue squad after pulling a shaken chimera out of the way.
RIP Blue.

He notices Red are nicely clumped up for a Manticore blast, rolls a 6 - 3 shots. Scatter. Straight onto his own guys.
Blast 1: 9 Die.
Blast 2: scatters safely.
Blast 3: Direct hit on the CCS's chimera. Pen. Weapon Destroyed. "The attacker chooses" and picks the Multi-Laser.
The other Chimera lays some shots into White Squad taking them below fearless.

I move up, shoot 1 squad of Kan's grotzookas into the blog squad (it has eaten some shots over the last turn or 2, and now looks like this:)
6 S6 AP5 small blasts later (from one squad)
30 hits.
25 wounds.

Need I say more?

I pull back White squad to get my FC again and wreck the chimera.

Nobs eat a Russ in CC and end up nice and clumped for ....

Turn 4

Err, cough.

The remaining Russ brought the Nob Squad a present in the form of a battlecannon. Out of all the S8 wounds, I didnt make a save or FNP (on the Warboss) and the Heavy Bolters left 1 wound on 1 Nob.
He was then charged, and didn't survive. Commisar 1, Warboss 0.

In my Turn 4, I ate the CCS's Chimera with my Red Squad, it exploded and killed the contents.
I shot the Manticore with my Kans, ripped off both the HF and the missile rack (though empty).

At that point, we called the game as over, it was 11:00pm and the rest would have been me cleaning up his forces and going for the wipeout - relevant in a tourney, not relevant in a training match.

Result: Victory
Me: Lost 4 KP (dread, Blue squad, Warboss, Nob Squad)
Wonna: Lost 11-12 KP (CCS x 2, Chimera x 4, Russ, Valk, Vets, Platoon x 2/3).

This is what the army is capable of if you don't manage to stop it or outrun it. Yay!

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