Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do I do my basing

Had a query in the Chat box on 3++ when I was *shock horror* actually working today and MIA...

How do I do my bases?

The truth of the matter couldn't be more embarrassing.

1. Take a sheet of .5mm (0.020 inch) plasticard and randomly chop it up into shapes
2. Glue in some semblance of a pattern (think slate) on the base.
3. Basecoat Black
4. Wet coat Beastial Brown
5. REALLY wet paint (just splash it around) the raised areas with Codex Grey
6. Wash the grooves with Devlan mud, just to cover any spots you messed
7. Repeat step 5, leaving spots, with Dheneb Stone.

Jobs Done!
You can go from start to finish in a 2 hour night, including drying time.

The objectives are done in this style here, and were my first attempt. Worked so well I will be doing my display board for my Foot Termies in the same style.