Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Centurion - bowing to the pressure

So I have been getting pressure to make some serious changes to Centurion by the WargamerAU community. Now we usually laugh at WGAU as the request you expect is "put comp back in".

To sum up the feeling though, we got to "I want the tourney to be both days, not that shitty Combat Patrol".

I then spoke to some locals, SneakyDan (another 3++ Author) and a few plebs, and it seems that there has been some backlash over the idea of Combat Patrol...
What this means, is that for me to get a decent turnout @ Centurion its time to trim the fat, and lose the Combat Patrol.

So what this ends up meaning for all you players out there ( and this will be whacked up around and about the internet, look forward to seeing it on 3++ in about, oh, 24 hours), is that I will be copying what the NOVA is doing this year.

Re-seeding the event into brackets at the end of Day 1.

So this means, for 64 players, I end up with 16 x 4 player brackets:

1x 4/0
4 x 3/1
6 x 2/2
4 x 1/3
1x 0/4
(maths will be wrong here, but too lazy to fix)

What this means is that inside your 'bracket' you should have 2 close, competitive games with people of your own skill level. What this also means is that we will end up with one person who does not win a game all weekend. This person will take home the Combat Patrol's original prize, the Forgeworld Tau Suit.

Can I get your thoughts and some ideas on how you, as mainly friends or prospective attendees, feel about this?

It works out to being the same amount of effort on my part, and the joy is that we can also let the players run their own 4 player "event".
We can assign the players the Game 5 matches, and their partnering pair, winners play winners, losers play losers, come see me in 2 games time!


  1. YES! I was dreading the combat patrol... I am not good with Black Templars at such low points.


  2. Since I made the announcement - 2 new signups.

    Hmm... I think the proof is in the pudding-shaped-players