Friday, December 31, 2010

The Challenge WIP 2

 So to set the scene: We have 3 players.
1. Zog (here represented by my finger as this wont be glued until painted). He is driving the crane.
2. The Mek. In the foreground of the above picture, weilding a spanner and a "precision tool" - lump of steel pipe.
3. Grub (in green). A Mek's helper.

It goes something like this:
Mek: "Oi Zog, dis way!"
Grub: "Oi Zog, da uvva way!"
Zog: Huh?


Zog's expression and hand signals are priceless :)

Anyway, The other angles and stand-alone shots of the other "players" below.

Yes, that is a buggy on that crane.


Da Mek


  1. Very cool idea, I really like the scene you've envisioned for your Battlewagon. The buggy is a very nice touch. I'm sure Zog, Grub, and Da Mek will be able to quickly sort out their difficulties... :)

  2. I'd more envisaged that the buggy would be either already on the back, or being loaded more securely, but I'm not complaining. Nice work converting the boys to suit the scene and mini diorama.

  3. I'm glad you guys like it. I think it has character, which is what I like for my armies.

    I think hanging like it is gives it a "just looted" feel as opposed to the original thought of it being on blocks.