Thursday, December 30, 2010

fester's Orks: The Challenge

So to my shame, I turn to my battlewagon kit, and break the shrinkwrap. This is the first Xmas present to see the modelling table.
Now, why do I do this to "my shame"... the music playing in the background is The Final Countdown by Europe.
The shrinkwrap comes off, and I get that feeling of awe cracking this baby open.
You see, in my gamin history, I have cracked maybe 6-7 actual boxsets for my 6-7,000 points of armies.
I have decided that I am not just going to throw this together, and that I am going to make the most of this kit.

Eltnot has challenged me to turn the back of the Wagon into a Mek's Shop.
Easy right? A few gears, bits, bobs, whatever?
Well, not quite.

This will require me to extend the height (at least). The reason for this is that I have a GorkaMorka buggy which I detest. I am doing Deffkopta conversions (which you can see to the right) for my Buggies, and the old one won't be used.
So the logic went "Why don't you do a mobile Mek's Shop with them looting it in-transit!"

Unfortunately, the Orky brain in my went "HELL YES"... so well...
We are where we are.

Stay tuned for the build, and this will be "highlight reeled" onto 3++ later.
I need to get more content here, and as I don't actually post any of my hobby stuff, I have almost a 1750 pt marines list to be put up here that is now fully painted too.

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  1. I didn't challenge you, I merely suggested. But I'm glad you've taken to the idea. :)