Friday, December 31, 2010

The Challege WIP 1

Wow, just wow. I am in love with this Kit.

I have put together a Russ, a few rhinos and plenty of infantry, but nothing has been anywhere near the quality of this kit. It is astounding.

It's kind of like finding that amazing dish hidden away in the chinese restuarant you always ordered Mongolian Lamb from. You wonder where your life was before this point, and what you have to do to get it back so you can experience this more.

Anyway... WIP.

So far, I have followed the instructions to the letter. I am not building the back at the moment until I get all the crane work sorted out.

I have pre-painted the parts of the wagon that will be beneath grates etc, and the inside of the tracks.

This baby will be my crowning glory, so the last thing I want is a "shit, there's a grey bit!"

Also the lid on the front isn't glued on, as I foresee about 4 boyz in the cabin to be modelled and painted.

I am getting the work done faster than the blogging, but I will be stretching this out, so bear with me!

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