Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Challenge PIP: The KoptaRolla

So, I have decided its time to coin a new phrase.

This is: Building a Deffrolla out of a Deffkopta.

You all saw the image from earlier showing the bit I intended to use for my deffrolla.
Well if not, here it is.

Well, I added to this with the rotor engine itself on the boom arm.

What I ended up with, I feel, was more than the sum of the parts.


  1. I'm liking how this is coming together. Looking good festerous one.

  2. That is a very, very fine idea... hmmmmm. Inspiring piece.

  3. @Eltnot: Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it too.
    @b.smoove: I am having scary scary thoughts about doing a Killa Kan CCW in this style...

  4. Very nice piece of orky ingenuity!