Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Challenge - WIP 3

So I have started work on the front end of the Wagon, and realised that I have to pretty much stop work now, paint, and then continue modelling. I cant glue the Ram on without painting underneath, so it's tools down for a while.

Anyway, I have decided to mock up where I am at to get an idea of what needs doing... and I ahve one, a really, really bad one...

What I am thinking is that the "lid" on the back won't fit with the crane arm... So how do I fix that?

Well, how about a hinged opening top, like a drawbride?

Anyway, onto the rest of the Pics...

All the bits for the BW laid out, everything to be painted separately.
God help me :)

This is the stuff I am going to try to build my Deffrolla out of (at this point). We will see how it turns out, hopefully spiky and mean looking.


  1. Based on the pieces you've shown I expect your deffrolla design is going to be very brutal and choppy looking once finished. Best wishes to you in getting your drawbridge idea to work out, it sounds like a creative solution to the grabbin klaw problem.

  2. Perhaps a largish rhino style hatch on the back that they are dropping it through at the time. Otherwise, don't put on a lid but have plenty of scaffolding and stuff instead.

  3. @Papa JJ: Here's hoping! My concern is that it might not look rigid enough.

    @Eltnot: I am thinking of splitting the top of the BW kit (which has an opening anyway) and hinging the sides and adding some hydrolics etc. Can only try. Wont waste too much hobby stuff

  4. Otherwise on the deffrolla front, I could do a WW2 mine-exploder style build with chains.

  5. Perhaps something like this:

    Perhaps something not like this: