Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Challenge: PIP Part 1

Just a quick throwdown.
Painting has begun.
This is the base colour, weathering, darkening around the plates, and general mucking around to be done.

The only decision to be made is how do I do the racing stripe.

I am thinking a single stripe along the top left hand side of the cabin.

I am thinking of something like :


Sized like this below
| | |     | | |

If not, thinking maybe trying to freehand something a bit nutso (for free painting points @ tournaments)

The apple in the pic to the left will be an Ork Skull painted probably blue with a black outline in the style of this.

I dunno, thinking as this is the Big Mek (read HQ) ride, it needs a little big of uber bling.

Anyway more images.


  1. You need to use something other than an iPhone for pics, too grainy to really see the details properly.

  2. There are no details, its red :)