Friday, February 18, 2011

CENTURION: The challenges, thats right, 's'.

As many of you are away, there is a Friday Night Str10 Challenge / free play where Kirby and I are playing each other, among other matchups and grudges.

What you dont know is that there will be the "standard" Rockhampton 40k Tourney Saturday night challenge as well ... (we aren't the Beef Capital of Australia for nothing ya know).

It's even called "The Challenge"

Keep $36.00 out for dinner girls.
This is the menu from the Criterion Hotel where we are doing dinner, and I just booked for the Saturday night as was always the plan. This is also a motel, so you can stay onsite and roll off to bed afterwards.
Anything less than the Popular Rump will be laughed off the stage.

As for me, suffice to say I'm a "serious beef eater"...

If you were thinking of making a last minute dash to Centurion, we still have a few spots, email me to


  1. Wait. If Kyle eats one of these he'll double his body weight (I wouldn't be far behind).

  2. Don't worry Kirby... the vast majority of Australia will ensure that you and Kyle are the outliers.

    Awesome fact - when you spell Kirby with a lower case it gets a squiggly red line underneath... but with upper case it doesn't. True story.


  3. awww... i want to be a serious beef eater too...