Thursday, February 24, 2011

CENTURION - full disclosure

In order to try and get a level of full disclosure (and some feedback), the following are the score sheets for Cent

The overall paint score is TO Paint + Peer Paint Total (total 40).
The overall sports score is Peer Score Total (total 40).
The overall Battle Score is:
Total KP % x 10 + Total Obj% x 10 + Total Quarters% x 10 + VP% x 10 (total 40)

Peer Paint (Choose 1) Out of 5 per round
>50% unpainted models (0)
Some unpainted models (1)
Models painted (3 colour), but not based (2)
Models painted (3 colour) and based (3)
Models painted very well and based (4)
Models painted so well I may have to steal them at the end of the tournament next available opportunity (5)

TO Paint Sheet (tickbox) Out of 15
1. Less than half of the models painted - 0
2. More than half models painted – +3
3. All models painted & based– +3
4. Drybrushed, Highlighted, Inked, Shaded – +3
5. Squad Markings – +3
6. Bonus TO “awesome marks” - +3

Peer Sports (tickbox) Out of 8 per round
1. Did your opponent have an army list to show you and the appropriate codex for their army?
2. Measurements and dice rolls are all made clearly and accurately (no rubber rulers or intentionally hidden rolls). Your opponent also used only provided dice.
3. Game was played in a polite and respectful manner (game/army questions were answered, not every move or army rule made by an opponent was questioned etc).
4. Game was played in a brisk and orderly fashion. The game was kept moving with good time for the armies in question.
5. Your opponent remained positive if they were losing, and/or were not belittling if they were winning. Your opponent either won or lost in good grace.
6. Any discussion or disagreements were sorted out in a respectful, considerate manner. Please note, asking a referee’s opinion is perfectly acceptable.
7. You had a great game and thoroughly enjoyed yourself.
8. You would actively search out and want to play this person again if you bumped into them at your local FLGS.

Thoughts from those competing / not competing?


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  2. sports need a little work, I know its the standard score sheet but, really points for showing up with the rule book. I expect better from the level of players coming. Also you know me and my history of sports scores and my fondness for them.

  3. Of course I do John lol.
    Really sports should score 4/8 for not being a dick.

  4. really need to think before I post, but maybe just a rating out of 8, and set 4 as a starting point with things that move it up and down the scale depending on how you liked the game.
    this would stop people just giving full sports all the time.

    or maybe something at after the last game pick your 2 most enjoyable games of the weekend. that should be able to work out a best sportsman.

  5. No worries lol. I stole the majority of this straight from Cowcon, so its fairly standard.