Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warbuggys Part 2 - Racing Slicks

I am actually still in the hospital
when I took this shot
I recently cut myself fairly badly hobbying, so first and foremost I just want to say:
Be careful of snapped hobby blades. Mine shot out and cut my hand, which you can see to the left here.

Anyway, on lighter news, I have a WIP of new tyres for the buggies!

I got a piece of pipe, 20mm diameter for use as wheels.
In cutting said pipe with a hobby knife I did the damage. I have since bought a pipe cutter.

Anyway, long story short... Warbuggies and comparison shots.
All I have to do is build hub caps and a few rivets and I am done.

I green stuff cast an Ork wheel hub from the old Trukk but botched it, so I will just make my own with a holepunch, I think.


  1. So what did the nurse say...?

    Poor big man cut himself playing with his toys...

    Those snap off blades can be tricky, I had one nearly taking my eye out a while back.

    The right tools for the job is the best safety advise. Hope your hand is not holding you back on the progress on the buggies. get some pictures please..

    Get well soon


  2. Doctor told me it was a superficial wound :/

    Apart from that, this is as far as I have gotten. Progress has been iced due to Centurion TO Software I have to finish off.

  3. good stuff! I would round the edges of the slicks a bit.

    Looking nice so far. So, get your homework done and get back to the important stuff.

  4. Ouch!

    I like the deffbuggies. I guess I'm so used to the gunner in back image I never thought of doing it this way. I have some extra koptas that may need some wheels someday...

  5. *sighs* What I wouldn't give to be this good at modeling.