Sunday, February 13, 2011

Deffkotpa Warbuggy conversion + opinions wanted

So due to 100 things *cough* baby, Centurion, valentines *cough* I am current broke :(
The upshot of which is that the 5 more warbuggies I need for my Pink Bits Battle I will have to build the vehicular mobility features manually.
By this I mean, Wheels and Tracks.

So, I am asking for some opinions on what these look like, and which is better.

I have built a set of tracks and 2 wheels. The tracks are MUCH, much more work than the wheels, but if the consensus is the tracks are better, well, I'll need to suck it up I suppose.

First: a trimmed up Kopta.

1. Tracks.

2. The wheels
For those of you who may have come here from a google search for "scratch built wheels" from the future, a couple of quick tips.
1. Use a holesaw (as small as you can find) to cut the discs from plasticard. then clean the edges as they will bur and melt a bit.
2. Mark a point on the disc, then roll it along a strip of plasticard to get the circumference.
3. Cut the rectangle size you need out to do the wheel's contact points on the road
4. Score it every 1-3mm to get a "tracked" effect like you see here
5. To actually attach the strip, dont snap each section off. Use pliers along the score in the card to just lightly split the plasticard. The bottom will stay attached allowing you to ...
6. Apply glue to the inside curve of your rectangle bit, and wrap it around the disc in one single movement.

Top tip: To make it stay still while you do your next task, use a shifting spanner or clamp to clamp it all together to free up your hands. (If in non-Australia countries you don't know what a shifting spanner is, its the tool above/behind the buggy in the pics above).

Anyway, ideas people?

Some guys on Kirby's ChatBawks have said Trakks, so has Kirby, so I spent another 3 minuter detailing...


  1. I don't know mate - the first painted pic looks really cool and Orky. The second pics (tracks and wheels) look a tad too bulky for the width of the body.

    If the aim is to build a Warbuggy - is there a way to extend/flesh out the main body?

    The way they currently both look - they say wartrack to me rather than warbuggy?

  2. I Like your first picture best. the tracks are nice but I think the Ork gives the impression of going really fast the way it is posed but somehow I don't think tracks will go that fast.

    The buggy with wheels looks as if it's going to suicide ram a big tank with those rockets sticking out the front.


  3. Working on another wheel option that might be shittonnes easier. Once i get a concept done you will all get to check it out.

  4. I might be biased seeing the second post first, but I think the wheels look better. And I think the generic Ork wheels look the best.