Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Gentleman's Ones ... Banner Competition

b.smoove, the ownerer and runnerer of A Gentleman's Ones has recently run a competition to try and get him a new banner, and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. He was giving away a cupboard of stuff spread around everyone who entered, and I thought "I can get some free loot!".
Heh. Actually I thought something different, but that will come soon.

So my entry is above.
I got an email back from him that went along the following lines:
"Cheers Matt. This is absolutely beautiful, and you've absolutely nailed the concept of the title. "
Now I don't like to spruke (well, OK, I do) but that made me a happy fester.

Anyway, turns out I ranked in the top 5 somewhere (I am claiming 3rd as I'm 3rd on the list)!

To see who beat me, go here ->

Now, for the good news, and coming back to my "greed" above.
Whatever loot I get from b.smoove will go straight towards the Centurion Prize pool, and at this point, be given to the best converted miniature in honour of the work b's done here (which is FREAKING AWESOME).

I hope he takes the opportunity to spruke(in-joke) about supporting a Tourney on the wrong side of the planet.
On that note, if you want to sponsor a prize @ Centurion, drop me a line =D


  1. Thank you kindly, my good man -for the kind words about the blog, the flattery about the minis, the honour (quirky spelling) of donating to the cause, and the brilliant banner. She's a beaut.

  2. Ooh.. I like the dark crimson reds you used on those guys. Impressive consistency!