Monday, September 6, 2010

Personal Invites of e-peen goodness to Centurion

As many of you know, Centurion is leveraging the power of the intarwebs to bring people together so that they may throw dice at each other.

As such, if you are an Australian Warhammer 40k blogging type person, I WANT YOU.
This is your official 'e-peen invite'.

If I have missed you, don't fret, email me and I will get you added.

Kirby from 3++ is the new black
Taak from YTTH and 3++
Messanger of Death from Imperial Life (I am led to beleive)

If you know, or are, one of the above, please let me know so that I can take your money ensure you get your places!


  1. Someone linked me here...who are you again?

  2. Here that faithful followers!

    Someone accused me of having WIT!

  3. I'm Aussie and interested but man did you pick bad time for the tournament. Just after university starts and the weekend before my 21st lolz

    Have to wait and see. Fingers crossed I can make it *crossfingers*


  4. I'll have a real job then.

    Well one hopes.

  5. @Messanger: Uni starts... pfft excuse :)
    And as for your 21st, that's something I couldn't avoid. I had to make sure I stayed away from QM1 as I want many of the QM top players to make the trip (which it seems they are)

    @Kirby: Here's hoping is in Nth Qld. Save you the drive!