Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to Zogwart

My green, electrifying friend.
Many tournaments I have ignored you.
Only once did you accompany me, and you were very effective.
We would have had Kharne, if not for the Blood God's intervention.
The God-Emporer couldn't help Sammael.
Oh how we laughed.

My dear green friend, I think you will be coming out of retirement shortly.
I am told that many of the new Marine codexes have IC's that arent HQ's now.

Sanguinary Priests, Chaplains.
The wolves bring TWC Lords of pain and death amongst other toys.

Sure, they bring their fair share of Librarians, but the first time you squig your enemy's lynchpin super-hero will make the expense worthwhile.

*images stolen blatantly from Ein.


  1. Haha nice! I never used the old fellow but it seems like a ton of fun! And these images are just hilarious.

  2. An excellent tribute to Zogwart! I too really like those squig drawings, my favorite being the commisquig... very funny!

  3. I cannot wait for the 5th Ed Ork Dex where weirdboys are 1-3 in the Elites slots.
    That will be FREAKING AWESOME.

    Its such a shame you have to drop either a Nobs-as-Troops or KFF Mek to squeeze him in.

    Thx for the love guys :)
    Wish I could take credit for the pictures though!