Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle Report: 1750 Orks vs Tau

So, I have gone in for a rematch against BohicaBob at 1750. He decide to bring a full-foot Tau army (which wont win any hardcore prizes) that he is trying out, and I have modified by QM3 list to fix some deficiancies I had found.

Bob's List:

Shas El
2 x 3 Suits (missile/melta set, missile flamer set)
3 stealth suits
2x 12 firewarriors - one with EMP nades
Kroot (14+6 hounds I think)
8 Vespid
2x2 broadsides. 1 set with SMS, 1 with plasma

My List:

Big Mek, KFF, Cybork Body.
Warboss, Bike, Attack Squig, PK, Bosspole, Cybork Body

7 Lootas

5 Nob Bikers + Painboy. 2 PK, 2 Big Choppa, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
20 Boys, PK Bosspole
Dread, 2 RL

Fast Attack
2 Deffkoptas, RL
2 Deffkoptas, RL

Dread, 2 RL

3 Kans with Grotzookas
3 Kans with Grotzookas
Basically, the photos all turned out POT but we worked on trying a Centurion game.
Win condition:
Table Quarters
KP (5x5 Stelek style)

Spearhead Deployment.

I chose his both his broadsides, Kroot, Vespid and the Flamer Suits
He chose the Troops Dread, All the Kans, and the Deffkoptas.

I won first turn. Deployed.
He decided to full-reserve his army.

I scouted my Deffcoptas 24 inches.

First Turn Orks
I pushed up as fast as I could.
First Turn Tau
He changed the turn counter from 1 to 2.

Second Turn Orks
I line about half his board edge to force his army to come on closer to the bulk of my force. I know he can jump-pack over me, but his broadsides and kroot (2 of the KP's), cant.
I bring the rest of my army towards the open flank.

Second Turn Tau
Yay! Things happen!
On come some suits (MP/Melta), walking firewarriors, and the Shas el.

Much shooting later, including point blank shots into the Deffcoptas..
Nothing happens. The Shas el even charges and nothing happens.

Third Turn Orks
The nob bikers lose the warboss who goes off to help out killing the shas el (who turns out to have FNP) and creams him in CC. The rest move along the board edge and shoot the firewarriors. The Lootas shoot the suits, as does the Dread and the Kans. The Suits run away from shooting and off the board.
Third Turn Tau
On comes shadowsun, the vespid (I think) and stealth suits. Shadowsun charges the Coptas (after failing with shooting) and the Stealth suits try to shoot the warboss, who shrugs off the wounds. The Deffcopta manages to Hit-n-Run. On the other flank, the unthinkable happens.
A dreadnought.
Vespid killed off the other squad of Deffkoptas.

I killed one, and they stayed.

Fourth Turn Orks
I kept on moving up. The warboss charged shadowsun and the koptas into the stealth suits. Orks win, and consolidate.
I load the Vespid full of Grotzookas. 26 hits, 21 wounds. No more vespid.
Nob bikers shoot a little more and dont do much as they roll up and down the board edge.

Fourth Turn Tau
Warboss eats a railhead bolt and rolls over.
Dread eats an EMP grenade and ends up killing (by exploding and attacks) all but 1 firewarrior.
Kroot outflank and shoot at the boyz a bit and kill a few.
Move Tau stuff comes on and cant shoot anything

Fifth Turn Orks
Kept pushing up to the Tau line.
Kans charged the Broadsides and they strategically (at the Tau players bidding) killed the broadsides.
Nobs went back for some firewarriors behind them. Shot a little and did SFA.
Fifth Turn Tau
Orks have a conversation with some firebreathing Crisis Suits and lose.
Broadsides cant kill Kans at point blank range.
Firewarriors cant hurt Nob Bikers.
Crisis Suits charge the Orks they flamed and all die. The suits that is. I rolled a crapload of dice and most were 5's or 6's.

Sixth Turn Orks
I cleared the board.

Jobs done.

Rolled for Turn Seven on a 4+... 2
This was to get all the bonus points.

Table Quarters: 4/0
KP: 5/3
Objectives: 2/0
VP: 1750 / 705

Thoughts: Stelek's 5x5 make knowledge of the gaming environment and the enemie's army much more important.


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  1. Haven't read but will read tomorrow. We should get some games in on Vassal Fester to trial the system and discuss it.