Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updated CENTURION details.

You can now find updated details here with payment info (yes, that means you!)

I know its a far way out, but Forgeworld will have to go and raid a few Eldar craftworlds to get that Void Dragon for me.

Oh, and the people I am getting the dice from will have to put a WHOLE new plantation to keep up with the demand of a 2,304 dice order =D

Tell your friends, tell your mother, tell your WAAC douchebag FLGS bastard, we want them all!

With 1 week and a bit's work, we are at 20/64 people interested, thats 30%+ spots taken.


  1. Thanks Kirby for sourcing the dice and advertising.

    You're welcome Fester!

    Didn't I tell you in my contract my ego needs constant stroking?

  2. Kirby - once I order the dice you will get all the credit you deserve :)