Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Centurion Missions updates

It is official.
The missions have been finalised for Centurion and playtesting can begin.

After a personal playtest, I have decided to use the following KP methodology:

This is a slightly modified version of Stelek's 5x5 Missions.

Before deployment, choose 5 valid Kill Points from your opponent's army. Mark this on an army sheet or piece of paper.

Once your opponent has chosen their kill points, you may reveal your choices to them and vice versa.
If your opponent has chosen kill points which are not Kill Points due to specific rules (Tyranid Spore Mines, Lone Wolves) it is your responsibility to let your opponent know and rectify this issue. Failing to do this will grant your opponent these Kill Points should a TO become involved.
These are the only Kill Points that are available from your opponent's army.
The player who gains the most Kill Points wins the goal. If the players both get the same number of Kill Points, this goal is tied.

The line about Lone Wolves being free KP is simply to keep people honest, not to be abused. If it appears to have been abused then the TO will get to make the final decision on whether or not the KP's are awarded. It will be the owning player's responsibility to ensure this is resolved correctly prior to deployment.

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