Monday, October 11, 2010

My Marines, in detail.

Bad news, no Battle report
So my wife decided, instead of my playing 40k, she should get Gastro and I would look after my darling rugrat.

So here, Monday, and I'm still looking after the pair of them. The upshot is that I finally pulled my finger out and took some shots of my Marines.

Warning: HUUUUGE images follow.
I know that the paint job is "crappy" and chipped in some places, but the army was a repaint of a repaint of a repaint... when I got it second hand.

Theres a job in the to-do for me to strip and re-do these guys... one day.

Paint Scheme:
1. Basecoat Black
2. Boltgun Metal
3. Thraka Green Wash
4. Asurman Blue Wash
5. Details.

In fact, I went one further, and mixed the Blue and Green washes into a single pot and can do a single model in about 60 minutes from steps 1-4. 95% of that, of course, is drying time.

The vehicles are even easier.
1. Blue/green metallic car spray (no, seriously)
2. Devlan Mud
3. Detail

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