Thursday, October 7, 2010

New-codex-itis, a few months late

Well, we have spoken about how piss-poor my Marine model collection is.

If you don't, its a collection of old SM army collections from 2nd/3rd ed that have been sold and resold around the are over the last decade. I have finally grabbed them, added to the pile with Black Reach and made a god-aweful mess of an army.

To make up for this, I hat thrown together a possible option for an army based on some key purchases and modelling.

Librarian, Shield, Fear (maybe) - 100
Honour Guard with JP, 2 Meltas, 3 StormShield, 3 PW or LC - 290

1 Priest (to razor bunker) - 50
Sang Guard (nothing) - 200
Sang Guard (nothing) - 200

4x5 ASM, LasPlas Razor - 650
2 Melta, 2 Flamer

Fast Attack
5 VV with JumpPack, 2 SS, 3 LC or PW and a PF on the sarge - 260

The underlined items are what I need.

Presuming I can get the parts in kits (wishful thinking, I know)...
2 of
(HG & VV)
2 of
(Sang Guard)
68 pounds :) nice. Thats about 2,500 Aussie loldollars (thanks for the word Katie!)

Otherwise, a single box to Tac marines (which will give me much needed melta) and some Chapterhouse Studios Jump Packs and use those for either the VV/HG or Sang Guard (which is a serious thought at this point and will differentiate the models via jump-packs).

Anyway, before I go make a mess of this... thoughts on the list?
They will be run as Son's of Horus, which I think will piss some people off considering the whole Sanguinius / Horus Celebrity Deathmatch thing a few years back, but hey, whatcha gunna do!

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  1. get a novitiate for the honor guard and drop the power weapons

    maybe not tool your VV up so much, and look at a anther unit of marrines