Monday, October 25, 2010

Concept photos!

Ladies and gentlemen (ladies?).... (gentlemen?)

This is my latest and fester-est models.
These are the proof of concept for my BA Footspam variant, which is basically as follows.

Terminator Captain
2x10 Shooty Termies with CML
2 Priests
3x8 Blood Letters Scouts
2x5 Devastators with 3 ML

Uhh, yeah, thats 1750!
So storyline:
Justaerin Terminators led by our homeboy Horus (or Abbadon, depending on modelling) are cruising across an open plaza with some scouting Bloodletters.

The Priest's will be carrying Horus's banners, hence FNP bubble for "insane bravery".

Anyway, photos. These will appear on 3++ in the next day or 2 aswell!

Props go out to b.smoove for pointing out at some point you should wash red with Leviathon Purple for a bloody look. Worked a treat!

Paint scheme: super-easy-cheat mode.
Chaos Black undercoat.
Boltgun metal all over.
3 washes of Badab Black.
Line highlight with boltgun metal.
Painting time: 20 minutes. Effect: awesome!

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