Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Centurion - The week that is/was.

Oh my, what a week!

It has gone from the CQ 40k Open, to Centurion, and now, looking down the barrel of an actual event!

Kirby has come out and said that he will be spamming Centurion all over the place and that now I have to try and keep up! Gah!
How do I configure that auto-emailer thing that tells you when your name has been mentioned somewhere in the interblogs? Nevermind. too hard.

Lets just go over things here as an idea of what craziness is coming down the pipeline for attendees so people in my life can understand why my brain is leaking out my ears.

24th August: Name Decided. FAIL.
25th August: Name Decided, again.
Kirby posts up about my KP conundrum http://kirbysblog-ic.blogspot.com/2010/08/australian-nova-tournament-by-fester.html
26th August: All images done for websites/blogs/etc
27th August: Player Information Pack Created
28th August: Missions outlined.
Posts go up on RSGA (local Rocky forum) http://rsga.forumup.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=416
... and Wargamer AU http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=101539
Alpha Hobbies come on board as sponsor
29th August: nothing much was posted by me ... but more Alpha Hobbies stuff happened behind the scenes
30th August: Kirby started advertising for me. http://kirbysblog-ic.blogspot.com/2010/08/centurion-australia-nova-tournament.html
Stelek posted about Centurion a little too. http://www.yesthetruthhurts.com/2010/08/tournament-thoughts.html
Some yet to be named new blog-roll people asked if they could help out somehow
31st August: First head count of interested parties - http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=101749
I nearly died.
Also, should hopefully win the competition @ http://agentlemansones.blogspot.com/ for his banner (dreaming, I know) which will be the first prize for the event! Yay! If any other winners want to donate to the cause let me know =D

I seriously had my doubts about this event getting off the ground... now it looks like it might just do that and be a success!

Thanks to those that tirelessly blogged away to get me interest. Thanks to Wonna and Tom for listening to me ramble on at work. Its bloody hard not to when you get 15 emails a day about related topics.

I hope to have some more info this week and some finalised missions stuff.

Once I finally work out what I need to do next, you will see some more action. If silence prevails, I have had one of the following happen:
1. Hit by bus, truck, or wife.
2. Head explodes
3. Finally managed to not wake up at 2am, change a nappy, and check the blogs before I go back to sleep.

Anyway, rambling over.
If all goes well, bank details should be up for pre-pre-pre payments shortly which will mean I can get started on the grab bags.

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