Friday, August 27, 2010

Centurion - Basic Player Information

The time has come to lay out the event and what is currently planned.
This is liable to change based on unforeseen circumstances.

CENTURION is Central Queensland's, and probably both Queensland and Australia's first dedicated no-comp tournament. This event will rank players on games won and lost, not battle points achieved. Winners play winners, until only one undefeated player remains. This person is the CENTURION. The CENTURION is the undisputed winner of the tournament, and takes the honour of being the undefeated player of the event. Defeated players are not relegated to obscurity however, as explained below.

The event is split into 2 days, and 3 separate tournaments.

Day 0
Provided that we are able to get interest, Friday Night will be the Str10 Challenge, whereby challenges can be levelled at the (hopefully) attending e-celebrities so that you are able to have a crack at their game play.

Day 1 is the Proving Grounds. In order to compete in the CENTURION itself, players must remain undefeated on Day 1. Only the undefeated players go through to the CENTURION. The first day will have 3 or 4 games, depending on player numbers.

Day 2 splits into 2 separate events. The CENTURION, the main event, pits the undefeated players from Day 1 against each other until, battered, bruised and bloodied, only one competitor stands victorious.
For those unlucky enough not to proceed into the CENTURION, there will, be a Combat Patrol Tournament running on the second day, which follows the same rules of Day 1, but with a 400 point limit. If this event does not interest you, tables will be available for pick up games, Apocalypse, or anything else that tickles your fancy. You can also watch the CENTURION unfold with the remaining contestants.

The tournament will have 64 spots available for players. Your place can be secured by contacting and submitting payment by the 30th January 2011. You will also need to submit a 1750 pt list (and no more!) by this date to the same address. This will give the TO's time to check your lists. and perform the other menial tasks that the administratum must perform.

Overview in short hand:

Game Size: 1750 points

Date: 5th and 6th March, 2011

Where: YWCA Hall, Rockhampton, QLD (off Robinson Street)

Entry Fee: $50 per person, includes lunch on both days, and standard dice provided for the event and for players to keep (36 x 12mm dice each)

Places available: 64.

Prizes Available:
  • CENTURION (Trophy, Prize) = undefeated across both days
  • 2nd Place (Trophy, Prize) = lost to the Tournament Winner in the final
  • 3rd Place (Trophy, Prize) = winner of the 3rd/4th placed game
  • All Rounder (Trophy, Prize) = 33% Battle Points, 33% Sports, 33% Painting
  • Standard Bearer (Trophy, Prize) = Best Painted Mini as voted by the TO’s
  • Trojan Horse (Trophy, Prize) = Best Converted Miniature as voted by the TO’s
  • Spit and Polish (Trophy, Prize) = Best Overall Army as voted by Players
  • All players that are unbeaten on Day 1 will receive a trophy.
  • Steward of the Horses (Prize) = Combat Patrol Tournament winner
  • A large number of lucky draw prizes will be available to losing players across the weekend. The more you lose, the more likely you are to win something! (No player will win more than one prize).

Requirements for players: All armies must be painted to a 3 colour minimum. Any armies that are not cannot proceed to Day 2's CENTURION event, regardless of victory. Unpainted armies will be allowed at the tournament, as not player should be excluded from playing based on this requirement.
"A warrior must go to battle with clean armor and weapons. To not do so is inviting disaster."

Sponsorship: We currently are not sponsored by any companies. If you would like to sponsor us, or provide subsidized prize support, or just remark on my roguish good looks, please don't hesitate to contact me at

We are however, sponsored by 3++ is the new black who is doing some friendly advertising for us!
If you have a blog or site and are advertising for us, please let me know and I will add you to the Sponsorship lists!


  1. Oh also. I would consider allowing certain dice. It's great that you're providing them but lack of different colors can be a royal pain. Approving dice such as Cheesix/Koplow would be a good idea IMO (or whatever dice type you're giving out. i.e. if you give out Koplow dice approve Koplow dice, etc.).

  2. Fair comment. If I do Chessex dice, then each person will get a 36 box with 30 of one colour and 6 of another, or maybe 24/6/6. Lots of work for me, but meh.

    Otherwise, I will be bulk ordering (by the 1000) 2 different colour dice (at least) and splitting the sets up.

    Depending on what I do, I should have a few sets left over in case people get "cursed dice".

  3. Lol. I might do Koplow over Cheesex, think they are cheaper and here less complaints. I actually have a great e-bay store for dice so can send that to you sometime and see if you can bulk order there.

    Cheesex would be nifty if you could get them to send you 24/6/6 or something (or work out the math where you can just buy enough blocks to split them up) with Centurion logos on them. That'd be sweeeet =D.

  4. Flick me the details.

    I am thinking Koplow at the moment.
    I have emailed them direct and also a web store I found to see what I can get in the way of discounts.

    Chessex dont do custom 12mm dice and I dont want to have to deal with 2400 16mm dice :) Seriously, 64 players x 36 = 2304 plus spares for me!
    It would be around $1000 to do all customs :(

    That dream went out the window unfortunately.