Monday, August 23, 2010

Nova Open Ripoff Tournament - What's in a name

Right, so I need a name before I can start advertising this (and writing what will no doubt be, the most tongue in cheek player pack in the history of the game).

After speaking with the TO of CowCon (our local comp tourney), he has suggested that we don't use "con" in the name, as this event wont ever be a "-con".

The suggestion has been to go down the path of an event name like "Winter Warfest" or "blah Open".

So, please, suggestions from my 2 fellow TO's and 2 other followers?!
These are my cerappy ideas :(

- Rocky Rumble
- Rocky Rampage
- CQ Cataclysm
- The Cheddar Open

Oh, I dunno. *brain explodes*

Anyway, brief overview of initial layout.

Points: 1750.
Players: 32 (min) - 64 (max)
Date: Late Feb to Early March (depending on clashes with other events and room hire)
Cost: $50.00 per person.
This includes :
Saturday: Knockout tournament of 3 - 4 Games
Sunday: Finals / Eliminated Bracket Mini-Tournament on Sunday.
Lunch both days
All attendees will get standard dice for use
Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, All rounder, Best Painted, Best Conversion, Trophies, and a HUGE swag of giveaways. My initial financials indicate that everybody will walk away with a prize of some description!

We are hoping that the Major Prizes will come from Forgeworld!

Thoughts? Is it too much?


  1. I might consider changing it to 2k but otherwise looks swanky. Mission ideas? I would recommend working on adapting the missions from Nova by changing VP back to KP but use Stelek's old KP system where your opponent picks the KP at the start of the battle, etc. etc.

    Cataclysm is a fun word but doesn't really go with open...

  2. I want to keep it @ 1750, as this is the Aussie standard and might promote people taking "their kick ass list" to the rest of the tourneys for the year - and upping the competiveness. This also means that people dont have to shake up their existing lists if they don't want to.

    Some of the locals are actually arguing dropping points to 1500! *shakes head*

    Missions at this point wont vary too much from the Nova I dont think. Its on my to-do to print and over analyse each mission. I was thinking of bringing KP in as a 2nd level tie breaker on the VP missions. There is something I just dont like about Stelek's 5x5 KPs thing. I dunno what, but it just doesn't sit right. Saying that, I wont be playing so it wont hurt me too much :)

    As for "Cataclysm" etc, I never said my ideas were any good :P

  3. Name idea brainstorm:
    Redneck Rampage
    Beer & Beef (professional gaming plus alcohol consumption)
    Who Took My Comp Score?
    Tropical Theatre/Tempest/Tsunami
    Bushfire Bash
    Smack Talk

  4. Redneck Rumble sorta has a nice ring to it, dontcha reckon? hyuck.

    For the record, Eltnot is the TO I blamed in the OP.

  5. knockout for day 1 is fail fester, and i'm still thinking 4 on day 1 is a better way to go.

    as for a name:
    Game ON - a nova event
    Deathstar - a nova event

    yea those work for me

  6. "Crocodile Challenge: A 40k Event"

    And eathos - Day 1 will be NOVA Style knockout, only unbeaten players progress today 2.

    Also, Depending on number, 4 games on Day 1 may mean there is only 1 game to be played on day 2. (Do your binary maths with 32 players).

  7. nova isn't knockout, i was trying to figure out what crack you where smoking on the weekend, it was just the top 8 players from day 1 go thought to day 2, knockout on day 1 would be a massive wang dance.

    also i like the idea of some Friday nights games, and we need a celebrity match on Friday night as well.

  8. Fair enough re: 1750. Beam me an e-mail in regards to KP and see if we can chuck some ideas around ina brainstorm mode or something.

  9. Email gone an hour or 2 ago.

    eathos: friday night will definitely depend on a few things... womens, at the least.
    If we do a Str10 Challenge (SneakyDan's blog gets the naming for that) I 100% am calling out Kirby :D

  10. I'm not spending a weekend at a tourney to not get a game in :)
    Vs me of course you loony.

  11. Done. Can we throw beer at each other?

    And didn't get an e-mail :(.

  12. I am sure I can work something out :)