Thursday, August 26, 2010

CENTURION - propaganda begins...

With the name decision finalised, we are able to begin moving onto other important facets of the tournament.

Firstly: Logos and banners.

Anyone who would like to help promote this tournament is requested to do one of the following:
1. Select your prefered image from the pile below and link back to
2. Pop me an email with the specific wording you would like on your banner/image ... I will build it, and link back to

Right, the important things out of the road ... the banners themselves!

What does everyone think of the images / theme / layout ?

Now to start on the paperwork :)


  1. Paper work schmaper work.

    They look good, I'll beam you a request (of pinknes..) tomorrow as I'm off home now. Will advertise beginning of next week with a post (co-inciding with your poll) and put up one of the smaller logos until the event ends :P.

    Free publicity FTW. What are you doing for me again? Oh right. The tournament.

  2. Yeah, remember, selling my soul for cookies?

    As I said above, if you want a custom logo let me know :)

    I'll have the rough overview of event proceedings publishing in about, oh, 18-20 hours so you can rip that off, and I will also do a separate page that we can all permalink to.

  3. Hey Man

    Instead of Combat patrol ... Maybe look at Killzone Spec Ops, as it is what Adepticon is running ... and might be a little more fun and (difference)

    Here is the link

  4. @AJ
    I will look into.
    We are running the exact same Combat Patrol event that is planned for about 2 weeks away locally so it will be playtested etc.
    On top of that, my TO Lackey will be running it so if he wants to swap I will give him the choice.
    I will look into Killzone Spec Ops too and pass on the options.