Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have today, while at work waiting for a server to reboot (I work in IT), read over the NOVA Open Missions and started to work out how I intend to implement the missions.

I have had some help from a potential attendee, Kirby from 3++ is the New Black (

I have decided to implement a 4 stage decision process for the games. The final decider will always be 4th Ed Victory Points. All models that do not count for KP's (Lone Wolves, Spore Mines, etc) will count for VPs in this regard.

Overrun their position!
Table Quarters.
If you have more VP's in a table quarter than your opponent, then you contol the Table Quarter

Capture their leaders
As per NOVA Open (too lazy to re-type it here)

Kill them to a man!
Victory Points

Thin the ranks
[options to decide from below]
- KPs as per the Rulebook.
- Stelek's 5 x 5 option
- another option ?

I want to discuss this point further with some of the internet peoples, mvbrandt, Stelek, Kirby, and the local TO's and players in the region who this will effect the most. I am leaning towards doing standard KP's and just using the information I gather to report back to the "parent event" (NOVA Open) and to grow in future years.

Mission 1: [name tba]
Primary: Overrun their position!
Secondary: Capture their leaders
Tertiary: Thin the Ranks
Final: Kill them to a man!

Mission 2: [name tba]
Primary: Capture their leaders
Secondary: Thin the ranks
Tertiary: Overrun their position!
Final: Kill them to a man!

Mission 3: [name tba]
Primary: Thin the ranks
Secondary: Overrun their position!
Tertiary: Capture their leaders
Final: Kill them to a man

32 players
Day 1: 3 games.
Day 2 will be a mirror of these missions, rolled for randomly
Game 1: 1-2, mission 1, 3-4 mission 2, 5-6, mission 3.
Game 2: 1-3 remaning mission 1/2, 4-6 remaining mission 2/2

33-64 players
Day 1: 4 games
Game 1-3, Mission 1-3
Game 4: 1-2, mission 1, 3-4 mission 2, 5-6, mission 3.

Day 2:
Game 1: 1-3 remaning mission 1/2, 4-6 remaining mission 2/2
Game 2: Remaining mission


  1. I'll start posting info on this beginning of week (conincides with poll) but I'd lean away from random missions. Set the missions for Day2, especially if it's a 64 player event.

  2. Day 2 Missions on really apply to the top 4-8 players, so it wont be such a big deal.

    I might randomise them pre-tournament and stick them in the player pack.

  3. I think that'd be better *nod*.

    Also standard deployments? Or adding in a angled deployed as well?

  4. It will be deployments as suitable to the mission objectives. I have yet to nut these out.