Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name Decision Overridden~!

I have been over-ruled by the other TO's.

My name sucks (well, is bland!)

The final name change, and now set in stone is ....


No "Open", no, "Con", no nothing. Just the 1 leading the 100 (well, 80, apparently).

Now I am off to earn a crust, and then start the player packs.

Kirby, spam at will


  1. Why am I spamming?

    Name though :).

  2. I can spam instead of Kirby!

    I believe some of the [ink army will be headed down. I'll have to badger kirby and see how he heads up, and tag along, lol, need to get all the mini's also for a proper no-comp army for this level too, lol. At least I have time for it. :)

    The strength 10 challenge thing sounds amusing. Asides from kirby who else is up for being challenged randomly?

  3. Im keen to see the Pink Army.
    Hell, if I wasn't all piss and wind I'd be part of it too :)

    I am sure I can find someone for you to practice on :)