Monday, August 23, 2010

From names... to banners

Right, so I still cant pick a name.
Based, however, on my banner building ability (NONE!), I have whipped it down to 4 options

1. Redneck Rampage.

2. Death Star (personal least favourite!) - you cant see the starfield in the back!

3. The Cheddar Invitational

and 4. Something to do with Crocodiles that I havent worked out yet.
(where we are, is basically the southern most crocs frequent, and suffice to say, you dont swim in the river...

Thoughts? Complaints? Sticks to whack me with?

Oh, and date is a placeholder, but a definite possibility!


  1. I'm fond of the Cheddar Invitational.

  2. Crocodiles vs Stingrays (Just for that Steve Erwin "Crickey" feel)

    I quite like Redneck Rampage.

    The Cheddar Invitational doesn't really work since it's not an invite only event. It is however catchy.

  3. Yeah, its a damn shame I can't work outa a name thats not going to be gimmicky!

    *whacks head*
    Stupid stupid stupid stupid

  4. I have been tossing up The Barra Open as I was driving around town ....

    Also, damn you and your good ideas!
    At this point its definitely the best