Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decision Made ....

After much deliberation and attempting to come up with a witty name with some kind of background and meaning ....
I gave in.

I present, the CQ 40k Open.

I think, that based on popular demand, the winners of the 1st day will progress to The Cheddar Invitational.

From this point, all other players could either continue on in the Open and play it to its resolution (and then gain 1st/2nd/3rd in the soft scores environment) OR we can run the Combat Patrol option.

This is still up for consideration.

Oh, and yes, those are my marines. The entire army done in metallics. They are green. After painting 120+ orks you would think that I'd learn my lesson, but no... green marines!

Waiting on rebuttal from the other TO's before going 100% with the name, but so far they haven't been all that much help!

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